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PG - 4000+ FUHT (1 year update) NW 6 HT in multiple stages - an option


Dear forum readers,
There are various options that patients choose while going for their hair restoration.

Patient nicknamed PG would classify as early Norwood 6 level of hairloss.

Unlike the conventional approach of transplanting one area at a time, PG opted for

  • hairline zone at higher density
  • top and vertex zone at gradually lower density to cover larger area for the same number of grafts.

(The temple points were not recreated in the 1st stage).

In subsequent stages, PG plans to thicken the vertex area and cover more of the crown - swirl and create temple points.

Dr. A





In the following pictures, the hair are parted in the vertex to mark the outline of the proposed recipient area for the next hair transplant.

This is the area where grafts were transplanted at a gradually lower density (going backwards) in the 1st session of PG’s hair restoration.

Dr. A