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Perez Hilton reveals he had a hair restoration with Alvi Armani Clinic


Looks like he could have got full regrowth with finasteride only.

I’d question the wisdom of this if he hasn’t committed to lifelong medication.


yes he is very happy with his new Dr. Baubac hairline


From the video it looks like he had diffuse thinning?


How many grafts did Perez Hilton have?


The thing is that hair transplant is beocming more and more acceptable nowadays, 2 of my friends had done it and they never tried to hide it.


Here is a better before pic of him before his procedure with Dr. Baubac



Very good result.

Was wondering if he opted for PRP in addition to his procedure.


Cowlick looks beautiful.


some awesome pics of Perez Hilton’s Dr. Baubac result


It is hard to tell if Dr. B reconstructed the cowlick from totally bald area or if he was just filling in an existing cowlick.


Yeah I’d like to know that too


Is it possible to create an artificial cowlick using FUE if the patient wasn’t born with one in the first place? Has any doctor done that before for a patient?


We still don’t know how many grafts, why is this a secret?


Video of Perez Hilton’s 2nd procedure with Dr. Baubac, Jan 2019. Immediately post op, FUE and PRP.


More photos

BEFORE 1st procedure with Dr. Baubac (Alvi Armani)

AFTER 1st procedure with Dr. Baubac (Alvi Armani)


Is there sales tax for cosmetic surgeries in California? what percentage?


still a long way to go before we see mega movie stars opening up about having work done, I am talking about mega stars like Tom Cruise , Bradley Cooper etc.


Perez Hilton did good and picked the right person for this. Money well spent. I don’t think others in that vicinity could have had produced this result nor could fully comprehend his goal. You really gave to have an eye for art and understand what would look natural and to use the right hair grafts to do so. I hope he recommends Dr Baubac to other celebs in the area.


Gordon Ramsey (the Hells Kitchen guy) is rumored to have work done at Dr. Baubac’s clinic as well, I wish he would own up to it if that is true.