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Paul Kemp - Exercising his Option


Paul Kemp is investing in his own company. He spent 5000 pounds to acquire 250,000 pounds worth of stock. He bought these shares b/c like any option there’s a time limit to exercise. The option was granted for meeting the company’s goals for the year. Keep in mind that over 70% of the company is still owned by Venture Capitalists - many of which have been with this company since its inception and these are the people who granted him this option. So far the current market price does not reflect the true value of the company’s pipeline (if successful); however, I suspect that roll-out of the VC’s funding is coming up soon thereby putting pressure on the company to get their products out very soon. The VC’s need to see a dramatic increase in share price to make a profit.

He’s not going to sell his shares anytime soon. He knows that within this year he may see his shares triple/quadruple from its current valuation. Is this insider trading? No, - all information is available to the public and also this option most likely was agreed upon years in advance. A lot of people are paying attention to this company’s developments but no body is acting upon it to invest. Their mistake. Additionally, this is just a guess - but this man started this company, its his baby, I’m sure he wants to own as much of it as possible - you don’t spend 10 years of your life to just make a quick buck (if you could call that quick).

I understand the importance of ICX-TRC to all of us but really, I think we should pay attention to the company as a whole. I‘d just like to point a few things out.

I’m confident that ICX-SKN will work b/c it’s very similar to ICX-PRO which is already in Phase III trials and doing well. How do I know PRO is doing well? – its b/c the number of patients was increased b/c the traditional methods to heal these types of wounds wasn’t working as expected while PRO was statistically the same to their early Phase II trials. ICX-Pro will do very well for the company while ICX-SKN will be huge!

I’m confident ICX-TRC will fallow the same path as Vavelta and that we’ll see ICX-TRC out commercially in a clinical setting probably late this year.

The main thing I’m trying to emphasize is that we need to pay attention to the company as a whole. All these products are very much related and success of one will likely translate into the success of the others.

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