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Hey Pats, when you get a chance, can you update your progress? Thanks!


In one month I will be at a year out from my crown surgery and will take photos for you guys. My results are coming in great, I look forward to showing you all my progress.


Hey Pats, have you posted pictures yet?


» Hey Pats, have you posted pictures yet?

I was also hoping to see Pats Fue crown result but it was probably a failed result. I hope I’m wrong about Pats but many posters have asked Pats to post his progress and he has not done so. Prove us all wrong Pats!


I must admit that I am getting weary of Pats205’s delays. At first I wanted to cut him slack. He had been prolific with his updates, and that was very educational for me. It made sense that after 15 months he would get tired of posting pictures all the time. However, he could have easily quieted some pretty hards critics by simply posting pictures at this point. I am beginning to believe the conspiracy posters who say that he most have had another surgery (strip?), and is waiting for the results to grow in. Pats, your first round of pictures were both educational and exciting. Thank you for adding that to this and other forums.


Armani is probably running the show here. They can’t have an Armani rep posting his own sub-par result, so they won’t let him. The other Armani reps I know of became conveniently affiliated with the clinic after their strong results. Pats205, on the other hand, had a great strip (of course), then got hired, now his FUE is obviously not as impressive. I hope Armani can give him a good touch up at least, but we may never know.