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@Pat or anyone else: Does Armani do HT for diffuse hair loss suffers?


I have seen Armani do some great work with hairlines, but I am wondering whether he works with diffuse hair loss suffers? I am not balding as per the usual norwood scale - I have a stable zone which I estimate to be NW4 or NW5, but I am thinning uniformly in the top and on my vertex. Can Armani work with this?

Finally, I am curious as to what Armani thinks of Gho’s method for generating infinite donor hair (see here: http://www.hasci.com/default2.aspx?id_taal=fde5973a-30f9-444b-b749-2befab23e313).

I think I speak for many members here when I say that if Gho’s technique does work, and Armani can replicate it and give me a dense NW1 or 2 hair design, I would not hesitate to book my appointment.