One thing the no reduction in density proponents miss

You guys keep saying , the strip area is removed, thus the total sq cm of the donor area is actually decreased…so that the missing hair, is meaningless since you only have to count the decreased scalp area of the donor skin…instead of the much larger previous skin area, previous to the incision being removed

this seems to make sense at first glance however

we are talking about density really of hair per sq cm of HEAD OR SKULL, not per sq cm of SKIN

also the remaining skin…assuming you do not have a one or two inch wide SCAR that replaces the incision area…the remaining skin surrounding the scar HAS TO STRETCH…in order for it to be possible for the skin to be removed

if you had sufficient scalp laxity this is not true, you say

in theory I guess yes. that is possible for the sake of argument.

However in practice, the clinics say, it is not what happens, and the density DOES DECREASE…

do you think the clinics are lying?