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Oasis knows if it grows hair!


Excerpt follows from page 27 of a pdf file found company’s website:

"I had a patient who fell while she was making her
bed. She tripped on the corner of her sheet and fell on
her leg. She is a heavy woman, and she just destroyed
the tissue on her lower leg
. She went to the hospital,
orthopedic surgery was involved, and literally she had
full thickness tissue involvement
from her knee almost
to her ankle and circumferential medial to lateral and
anterior. Posterior was intact. And when I saw her a
month after this trauma, her medial aspect was granulating
slightly, but she still had a full thickness eschar
on the lateral aspect, which I then debrided. I eventually
put her on Oasis, with much involvement from both
my patient and her husband. They’re both physicians
and that’s why they had called me out.
It’s just amazing to see the healing response from
Oasis. She’s been on steroids for 20 years. She’s now taking
between 5-10mg a day. She has rheumatoid arthritis.
She has so many factors that are just deterants to good
wound healing. And I have to look at the tissue now that
has healed and say, it’s pretty amazing to me that this
wound, which was quite extensive, has healed with minimal
. I’m pleasantly surprised."



We Don’t know, It sounds promising but maybe it would be better to contact the company directly and ask?


It would be good to know, but to tell you the truth I’m not confident that regrown body hair capabilities equals regrown scalp hair capabilities.

When MPB set out to screw us, it seems to have covered all the easy bases like that.