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No independent link to the HM forum on the search engines?


@HairSite, it seems there is no longer any independent link that takes visitors straight from the search engines/the web directly to the Hair Multiplication forum, at least on MOBILE devices.

From my mobile phone, the links either go to the old forum, or to a new “combined” forum where all topics (HT, topicals, etc.) appear together. So HM forum users are forced to see all the HT and other off-topic posts first, and and have to weed through all those to find the HM-related posts. I think this is suppressing new visitors to the HM forum. Can a prominent link on Google be created that takes users directly to the HM forum, as it existed for the old forums? Thanks…


Sorry for the delay. We have a massive amount of posts in the old forum, and they are still being ranked on Google. When we started this new forum, we had already duplicated all the old forum posts here. In other words, whatever you see in the old forum, you will also see the same post here.

I can ask our programmer to do an auto redirect so that when people click on any link in the old forum, they will be redirected here. If it is an HM related post, then users will be redirected to the very same HM post here on the new platform. I was presented with this option when we first migrated here, but I did not want to enable that feature back then until I know this new forum is stable.


Thank you, @HairSite! I was just worried that the search engines are not driving enough people to the HM forum - it seems when a random search is done of HairSite or HM, visitors are guided to essentially obsolete links showing the old forum:

This is what shows up for Google’s results for “Hairsite”, under the heading “Hair Loss Forum”:


That is the combined forum (all topics) in the old format.

This is what shows up in the Google results under the category “Hair Multiplication and Stem Cell Forum”:


That is basically the old forum in the old format, with very old posts featured at the top.

For “Hair Multiplication”, the correct page shows up, but it doesn’t take users directly to the HM forum, but to an HM landing page -

On that landing page, a new user would have to be familiar with the layout of the site, and the differences between the old page format and the new one, to know enough to click on the HM forum link at the right.

We already know HairSite is by far the best hair loss forum on the internet. Other sites which were being hyped a few years ago, like “stopaga”, have completely stagnated, and now are complete dead zones. Spencer Kobren’s site is not of big interest anymore because he has shifted his focus entirely to HT and no longer discusses new research (such as stem cells and drugs) on his radio show.

Participation on HairSite’s HM forum has decreased since the format change, but I for one have adjusted to the format change and now I like it. But, I think traffic and posts are still not what they should be, because Google and the other search engines are directing traffic to pages that don’t actually show the new HM forum with one click, therefore forum and new user participation remains quite low, even at a time when there’s more promising research underway than ever before.