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New skin hair Treatment


My research

The experimental results Cure for hair loss hereditary
The end of 2013 Until september 2014
My video


I wouldn’t call that a cure by any stretch of imagination but out of curiosity what products did you use?


Thank you for your interest in our research.

Your answer is here. >>> http://4skin-hair.blogspot.com/2014/10/about-our-research.html


Even though you still have a long way until you get all your lost hair back you have really made an obvious improvement. Congratulations.

I saw your website but I couldn’t find anything about the treatment.

How have you achieved those results? What have you done?



Hair-growth-promoting solution containing chlorine dioxide, preparation methods and using methods thereof

Inventor - LIUXUEWU

Completed the 1st cycle and 10 days. I see a few hairs to emerge. The inventor claims to be the cure.