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New Result and Full Write Up: Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi (Alvi Armani) 3,505 grafts


Alvi Armani

Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi Result

The patient below had 3,505 grafts to restore zones 1 and 2 with Dr. Baubac in our beverly Hills Clinic.

This patient is from the East Coast and traveled to us to have his procedure with Dr. Baubac. He will be coming in to the clinic this summer for some updated photos, but for now he wanted to share his current progress as he is very happy with his result.

This patient did a full write up of his experience with our clinic in our forum here: http://www.alviarmani.com/forum/Topic2107-12-1.aspx

Below are some of the patients direct quotes from his documentation of his experience with us:

- I’m 32 years old and have been pretty much this way since 18 years of age.

- I currently take Propecia / Finasteride pills on a daily basis for my crown area, even though I do plan to have a procedure there in the near future due to the fact that it isn’t as “full” as it used to be and is receding somewhat.

- The procedure went swimmingly. Dr. Baubac and his team made were cordial and customer centric without being too artificial.

- The procedure was approximately 12.5 hours with the first 6 focused on harvesting, and last six and a half being the hairline renewal.

- I had lunch in the middle of the procedure (Chicken Marsala). During the end my head was cleaned and Dr. Baubac invited me to come by during the week for a few more cleanings at no extra charge.

- I left the Armani office with all the medication needed for the next few weeks, shampoo, and other goodies, along with a thorough fifty-page pamphlet on how to ensure the retention of my new hairline.

- The experience was more than expected. Hopefully, there is good retention within the next six months. I will keep you guys posted.


Before photos

Post op Photos

2 weeks post op

Result photos - 9 months post op

Not Seen Dr. Baubac's Patient Reviews -- Why is That?

Hello everyone,

This patient sent in updated photos of his result that I wanted to share with all of you. He is 2+ years post op in these photos from his procedure with Dr. Baubac.

Result photos


Hi Everyone,

I’ve received a lot of emails asking for an update on this result and photos. So here it is! Below is an updated photo of this Dr. Baubac result and transformation that the patient had taken.


Here is another photo of this result, hair unstyled showing the density




Is this the right place to post questions?

Are there disadvantages if I do not want to subject myself to a 12-hour surgery but instead break it up into several visits of no more than a few hours each ?

This patient mentioned medications he took home with him , what kind of meds are we talking about?

Thank you.


Personally I don’t see why you cannot do it a little at a time and spread it out over several visits, I too do not want to sit on the surgical chair for 12 hours so I can totally see where you are coming from.


I don’t mind sitting in the chair for 12 hours but I want to break it up into several smaller visits so that it is not obvious to people around me that I had work done.


Generally a 3,500 graft FUE procedure with Dr. Baubac does not take 12 hours. This patient had very curly hair and thus the harvesting portion of the procedure took a little longer.

Normally a procedure of 3,000 grafts FUE for us finishes up in about 7 - 8 hours including a break for lunch and the procedure is completed by early afternoon.

We do offer smaller sessions as well for those that want them.


Thanks, sitting in the chair for long hours is one thing but more importantly I am hoping for a gradual improvement that looks more like a subtle change rather than making it obvious for everyone to know that I did something to my hair.


Smaller sessions is certainly an option for the reasons you just described.


I think it will be more expensive to do small sessions , am I right? You get a discount if you do above a certain number of grafts but you pay full price if you do small sessions.


We have had patients decide to have smaller sessions over time to restore their hair in a more gradual process, so the transformation isn’t as sudden.

Further, some choose to have smaller sessions for concealment purposes, as it can be easier to conceal that you had it done with a smaller session, so patient’s can return to work earlier without coworkers knowing they had it done.

For people who want smaller sessions, our non shaving FUE procedure is popular, as it allows patients to have the procedure and return to work very quickly. Generally our non shaving procedures are 2,000 grafts or less.

Most patients however tend to prefer a larger session so they can have more scalp covered in one prcoedure and get their desired look faster.


Thanks. What about medications? What kind of meds do people need to take after surgery?


I can’t speak for Dr. Babac 's clinic but from my experience usually it is just anti biotics.

btw, if you think that having a tiny session will allow you to go back to work the next day and nobody notices you have work done, then you are dead wrong. The scabs will stay on your head for at least 2-3 weeks before they come off.


Here is a photo of me 6 days post op with Dr. Baubac after my crown procedure. I had 1,500 grafts and PRP which helps accelerate healing.

Mine was a full shaving procedure, but we also offer non shaving procedures which helps greatly in concealment that you had the procedure done.

As you can see, I healed quite quickly and have very little scabbing at day 6. When you have an FUE procedure and PRP combo at our clinic you heal faster and we have you remove the scabs much earlier.


Correction: I forgot to mention painkiller as well.


Before and After


some additional photos of this Dr. Baubac FUE result

extreme close up after pic of FUE hairline by Dr. Baubac in HD