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New nanochip pad able to regrow any organ


I don’t know if this will have any application in hair loss. With our luck, it will be able to grow every type of organ except a hair follicle…


Sounds miraculous and I’m usually skeptical of medical articles that make such remarkable claims, but since it’s from a legit news source I’m inclined to accept it with some trepidation.

I’d like to see the results of human trials and when this is used more extensively as a therapy. As for our purposes-if they can find a way to reprogram the scalp to grow hair like we do at the back of our heads then it will be a potential cure.

I doubt the researchers behind it care or even think about using it in such a capacity. When it comes to the medical needs hierarchy, the follicularly challenged are at the bottom of the list. :stuck_out_tongue:


It looks surreal. But it’s far in the future.


i read somewhere that they could start human trials in a year.


Maybe growing skin to replace scar tissue would be a priority. In the process things like sweat glands and hair follicles might also be produced along with the skin.


I agree with Epiker. It is definitely an interesting article, and intriguing future treatment, but it seems like the hair loss industry is so monopolized by unethical treatments, and unethical doctors, that any future cure may unfortunately be suppressed because of it. One can only hope.

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@Hairhope4ever - is it possible that you could stop the advertising for your HT doctor?