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New forum member 2500 Strip transplant - Dr. Rahal

Hello everyone,

I’ve been occasionally coming to the site and checking out the different forums and reading the threads as a guest over the last few months. It’s been interesting reading about the experiences of others and how they’ve dealt with their hair loss whether by shaving, shampoos, topicals, drugs, or surgery.

Here’s my history. My hair loss started when I was about 22 with the front hairline receding back at what is often called the “widows peaks”. My friends would often remind me, but it didn’t look too bad. By my mid 30’s the pattern was thinning more and the loss appeared to be heading toward the range of a Norwood Type IV. I was trying a combination of Minoxidil and 2% Nizoral shampoo and saw no improvement. I didn’t want to try Propecia because of the possible negative side effects, so I decided to go the surgery route.

Here are some before photos, I’ll show the after photos next.


I’m now attaching photos of the results of what was a 2500 FUSS (strip method). I believe that my level of hair loss was less significant than the majority of others that I’ve seen on this site who went the hair transplant route. The results did not turn out to me being as good as I had expected. There appeared to be areas in the front that did not grow to what I would consider a uniform density level.

Dr. Rahal seemed to be very confident in the quality of what the results of the transplant would be during the consultation. The operation itself went smoothly although I still remember that he appeared rushed or focused on getting out of the office that day. I became extremely ill after the surgery and was violently “tossing my cookies” that night. At the time I was wondering whether that would have a negative impact on the final results of the operation since I had read that your not supposed to do any physical activities for a month or two after a transplant.

I recently had a FUE surgery performed by another doctor and will post photos of the results when it starts to come in.

Why did you choose strip the first time?

I have to say this 2000 fue looks a lot better than your 2500 strip

Tria, did you talk to rahal about your lack of growth. You mentioned no physical activity for a couple of months. Did you engage in physical activity before the healing process. What fue doc did you use?

» I have to say this 2000 fue looks a lot better than your 2500 strip

I think he fluff it up with tons of toppik.


Do you have immediately after post op pics and then progress pics?

Did you have a chance to speak with Rahal at all to discuss your concerns? And if you did, what did he say?

It would be interesting to see your pics to see where the grafts were placed.

thanks, eman

This is average result for strip. I hope you didn’t pay too much for this.


You still around?? It would be great to give more details…

It just does not look like the typical Rahal work.

When did you have the surgery and could you answer the other questions I asked?


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