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New Clinic - Bisanga and Cole Hair Transplant Clinic


Thanks for sharing the inforamtiion


Thats our pleasure @julia_tom.
As previously mentioned the opening weeks schedule will be March 27 - April 2 and surgery will be performed by Dr Cole.
Dr Bisanga will also be performing surgery for several days from April 15 - April 19.
It is very exciting right now and the Drs appreciate that the dates are within a reasonably short amount of time, and therefore are prepared to offer surgery at a lower price point. It is such a huge opportunity to be able to undergo surgery from two of the most ethical and experienced award winning physicians at such a reasonable price.


thnaks :slight_smile:


At first I thought this was just a franchise name using Dr. Cole’s brand but it sounds like Dr. Cole himself is actually performing the procedure at the new clinic?


Hola QuePasa!
Como estas?

You are correct. The first dates available dates at Bisanga & Cole Athens, surgery is to be performed by either Dr Bisanga or Dr Cole. Available dates are as follows:
Dr Cole - 27 March - 2 April
Dr Bisanga - 15 April - 19 April
Due to the dates being within a reasonably short period of time, Drs Bisanga and Cole are kindly offering an extremely discounted rate.

I for one can’t wait for the clinic to open and to begin showcasing its results. To have the opportunity to have surgery with either of these two world leading surgeons at such a competitive price is outstanding. These opportunities genuinely don’t come around very often.

If anybody would like more information or would like a free consultation, then get in contact.

Patient Advisor at Bisanga & Cole Hair Transplant Clinic - Athens, Greece


It’s a bit unrealistic for anyone to book a trip overseas with such short notice, aren’t we supposed to send in blood work before putting a deposit or confirming the date? What if my blood work shows that I am not qualified to have hair transplant?


It is reasonably short notice, I would agree.
But we have already received several confirmed schedules and much interest. Whilst I fully appreciate that will be too soon for many prospective patients, it also presents a great option for others.
Many individuals looking to have hair transplant surgery often make themselves available for “last minute” cancellations in order to receive a discounted surgery and that means that the clinic won’t have a day unscheduled with a full staff.

Also, when considering that FUE surgery is being performed by Drs Bisanga and Cole at the discounted rate of €2.50 per graft for these dates, is a motivation in itself. What an opportunity.

Regarding you question about blood work, Dr Cole for example doesn’t require blood work in healthy individuals.

Patient Advisor at Bisanga & Cole Hair Transplant Clinic - Athens, Greece


Out of curiosity, why do doctors ask to see blood work before taking on a HT patient? Do doctors turn down patients because they are HIV positive or any other conditions that make them not suitable for hair transplants?



Great name by the way.

You are absolutely right. Generally Doctors test for HIV and hepatitis.

Patient Advisor at Bisanga & Cole Hair Transplant Clinic - Athens, Greece


Wow , this is great. Two great docs. I wish I could meet them both one day.


They really are great docs and just have so much knowledge and experience. You should try and meet them. You would take a lot from it.

Patient Advisor at Bisanga & Cole Hair Transplant Clinic - Athens, Greece


Hola Raphael,

Read great reviews about the clinic. Great work they do.



Thank you. Appreciate the comment.
With just a matter of days to go until the first surgery, things are getting exciting.
Athens is going to please a lot of people.


@Raphael84 €2.50 per graft is for FUE only? What about body hair transplant? is BHT available ? Both Cole and Bisanga obviously do BHT


Is it true that we also need to add 24% VAT on top of 2.5 Euro per graft?


€2.50 per graft is what is being charged as a discounted rate for the first set of surgery dates that were available. Body hair has also been offered at €2.50 per graft for these dates. BHT will continue to be available in Athens.

No. No VAT will be charged.
“Exemptions in Greece are the provisions of services of a social or cultural nature such as medical services.”

Patient Advisor at Bisanga & Cole Hair Transplant Clinic - Athens, Greece
WhatsApp + 34 642 37 03 83


For anybody who is interested or following this thread, Dr Cole was asked on another forum for some information on himself and the clinic. He responded:

"What do you want to know? In 2003 when no one knew how to do FUE, and many patients wanted it, I figured FUE out and then taught as many people as I could how to do it. From there, FUE blossomed. Then I designed the tools people use today. Now I make tools that only the surgeons I work with have access. Today my objective is to help patients with a limited budget get a quality procedure in a clinic with well-trained staff. Helping me is Chris Bisanga, whom I trained many years ago. He has a world-class reputation with years of experience and thousands of happy patients. We will still do our best to manage our clinics in a more limited capacity, but the focus is on helping patients avoid disasters. There are two types of patients. There are those that are not concerned with cost. There are those very concerned with price. Those very worried about cost are vulnerable. They go to clinics in dangerous countries. Often, their donor area gets destroyed, and their results are poor. We want to help these people find a way to restore their hair in an environment where we control every aspect of the surgery to ensure quality. Our goals are to build a wall in front of “risky” work and provide a safety net for those suffering from their hair loss. There isn’t much to understand. You have two of the pioneers in FUE hair transplant surgery with very affluent patients dedicated to helping individuals avoid ruining their lives by focusing on price over quality based on necessity. You see, Dr. Bisanga and I both comprehend what is required to be a great hair transplant surgeon. To be great, you need experience. We have that. To be great, you need to be able to perform every aspect of the surgery so that you can properly train a team. Hair transplants have evolved into extensive procedures that require a team effort. In the team, there are those that place and dissect grafts. Most physicians have never spent much time dissecting and placing grafts so they don’t comprehend how to teach it. We do because we have both done it. Our teams have been with us for over 15 years. They are highly trained and skilled. Many clinics are so focused on cost and volume that they have nurse turnover primarily because these nurses receive such a low wage. That’s how these clinics sell at such a low price. In most low-cost clinics, you never know who will be working on you because the experienced nurse is likely to leave any day to make $20 more a month above her $800 per month salary. Then you get the inexperienced nurse at $600 per month. The risks associated with meager wages are why we are so focused on protecting patients from ruining their lives. It is not that you can’t get a great result from many clinics. It the results are inconsistent and often ruinous. Inexperienced teams with poor training can ruin a patient’s donor area and result for life. We attempt to stop this.

I’ve done more FUE than anyone in the world simply because I’ve been doing FUE full time for a much longer time than anyone else. There are some very talented surgeons in this world. There are many clinics where you can get a great result. There are also many clinics where you can get a horrible result. Our objective is to deliver consistently good results for patients that are price conscious. Along the way, we are doing our best to make this a great patient experience with transportation from the airport to the hotel, transportation from the hotel to the clinic, transportation from the clinic back to the hotel, and transportation from the hotel to the airport. In between, one can have a wonderful sightseeing opportunity in the birthplace of modern civilization.

Our clinic is a considerable opportunity for patients in a safe country protected by the European Union. There will be no government coup and no suicide bombers here. Tourists come here annually without risk nor concern for their safety.

One has to comprehend what is happening in the world today. It is a hazardous scenario. We decided to do something positive regarding it."

Patient Advisor at Bisanga & Cole Hair Transplant Clinic - Athens, Greece
WhatsApp + 34 642 37 03 83


Thanks. Do I have to arrange my own hotel and ground transportation? Some Turkish clinics I contacted also provide 2-3 nights accommodation in their price per graft.


Need no introduction, we all know who Dr.Cole is !!



Thanks for the question.
The clinic will arrange a complimentary airport pick up and drop off.
The hotel cost is not included in the surgery cost. Of course I can recommend many nearby options for you to choose. I can help you with any concerns you may have.

Turkish clinics have a business model that also includes hotel costs, which seems to work. But this is generally because the techs who generally conduct the majority of the procedure, are untrained, they are not Doctors. Obviously when you are not paying for a professional, and an inexperienced non-professional at that, with the clinic also performing 8-10+ surgeries per day, price points can be set much lower. You are not paying for the expertise of your chosen physician.

I know I wouldn’t put my finite donor in the hands of an untrained unethical team of techs.

I understand that budget constraints affect almost everybody. But this is a personal investment in yourself. An opportunity that you may never have again if you are in the wrong hands.

On a personal level, I have never understood why guys will take loans and credit to drive a 20k car, but choose their hair transplant surgeon on budget alone, with the average Turkish hair transplant coming in at a round €3,000.

This is the entire motivation for BisangaCole Athens. To offer luxury transplants, at competitive prices with exquisite service.

Patient Advisor at Bisanga & Cole Hair Transplant Clinic - Athens, Greece
WhatsApp + 34 642 37 03 83