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New baldness cure on CBS news May 6th, 2014


Has anyone seen this on TV? It has been running non stop on CBS today about a new baldness cure, it will be aired on CBS news tomorrow May 6th.


cbs and cbsnews, neither site has any information about a hairloss cure.

maybe you can report about the news show or you can post a link for a video stream.

would be interesting to me


The only medical story I could see on CBS News, Tuesday May 6 was this:

This story wasn’t about a baldness cure, it was about putting blood from younger animals into older animals, to reverse some signs of aging. It was mainly about reversing memory loss, they didn’t mention hair loss.


It was the story about micro-pigmentation.
(Hardly a “cure”, in my opinion…)



Really, hardly a cure! :wink:


I am so sorry, they made it sound like they were going to announce some major breakthrough, I should have known better.