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New all-natural Regimen (Please give your opinion) + Scientific References

Hello Everyone,

Please have a look at this new Regiment I propose, the regimen is 100% natural and backed by scientific references:

-Glycine max (For Natural Progesterone) extracted from Soybeans or Yams

-Vitex Castus Agnus (For immuno disorder)

CAUTION: It has contraceptive effects, c.f., Article
The Dietary Effect of Vitex agnus-castus
Hydroalcoholic Extract on Growth Performance,
Blood Biochemical Parameters, Carcass Quality, Sex
Ratio and Gonad Histology in Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Tayebeh Enayat Gholampour 1 , Raha Fadaei Raieni 2 , Mojtaba Pouladi 3 , Mohamad Larijani 4 ,
Maria Pagano 5 and Caterina Faggio 5,
—>Used for Severe allergic reactions in the face…, skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders.

-Saw Palmetto and/or Beta-Sitesterol and/or Zinc and/or Curcumin Tumric

CAUTION (SAW Paelmetto): Genetic disorder

While plant sterols are usually beneficial, there is a rare autosomal recessive genetic disorder phytosterolemia which causes over-absorption of phytosterols.[6]

For Mitigation of the side effects of the All-Natural treatment and holding strength/potency:

-Black Chocolate.

N.B: At the beginning of the regimen, the Castus and the Progesterone should be taken at the same time.

Please let me hear your thoughts about it !


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