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Need Updated


Hello fellow baldness battlers/haters! I have been out of the loop for a while and know that there are alot of very informed posters on this forum that could give a synopsis of the hairloss phenom as it is best understood, in a biochemical context (or as specific as possible); something along the lines of what “col” did with the cloning review. JB could probably do it but this is also a chance for those who are not as well known, at least to me, to show the rest of us how smart you are and educate the dummbies. What got me going on this was that I noticed alot of advertisements lately about prostate health and the patient is always (or seems to be) a bald guy. Another thing I noticed was that there is a real push to stop 5-AR but that isn’t enough to stop the MPB…is there any new info as to what may be contributing to this effect that we all deplore so much or are we still scratching our shiny domes wondering what has happened to us? Any info is appreciated!! PS- I have been using 5% minox frequently (almost every night) for the last year(and 5% spiro sporadically) after occasional use for many years 4+ and recently added 0.025 retinoic acid (about a month) and have noticed a slight increase in density where I have never seen anything but regression previously - temples and top/front. I think it is the RA?