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need repair, not sure what to do


This is my first time posting and I’m hoping to get some guidance.
Here’s my story. Had first transplant at 18 years old. I had a bad scar from an accident that ran throughout my scalp and wanted to see if I could have hairs transplanted into scar. The doctor I went to said yes. I knew nothing about hair transplants and had no idea what I was getting into. During the first procedure he not only transplanted into scar but also lowered hairline and closed off the temples to fill in some recession in the corners. The results of the first procedure were not good. There was pitting, odd angles, and bad density, it looked like doll hair. Ashamed and embarrassed I went back to same Dr., and he convinced me to do another procedure and that we just needed to fill it in. Another bad result. Went back to him one more time, and he said we need to do one more, and this time we would, “blast it, and really fill it in.” I agreed, not understanding that I was making a bad situation worse. Its hard to explain my mindset at the time, but I was incredibly ashamed and desperate.
After third procedure grew in I finally fully realized that it had only gotten worse. I posted my story on a website . Upon posting my story I was contacted by a few people who understood hair transplants, and told me I needed to go see some other doctors to get their opinions. So I jumped on a bus and went to Hasson and Wong, and Shapiro medical. Both Hasson and Wong and Shapiro said it was criminal what was done to me and recommended that I have the hairline cut out via a resection, then come back with another transplant to create a new hairline and cover the scar from the resection. This plan really terrified me and Dr. Shapiro said that we could FUE the hairs from the hairline instead of the resection. I choose the FUE route which ended up being a bad decision. Since then I have gone through 3 FUE procedures to remove hairs from the old hairline, and then one more strip procedure to try and soften the hairline and fill in. I am know 37 years old and it is one year after the last strip procedure and I am very unhappy with the results and don’t know what to do next.
I still have hairs that need to be removed from the hairline, my hairloss had accelerated even though I take propecia, the hairline still has pitting, and odd angles hairs, I have a massive bald spot on the crown, my donor is mostly used up from the four strip procedures. You’d have to see my hair in person to fully appreciate the problems I face. This whole thing has been devastating to me. I don’t go anywhere without a hat, I suffer from severe depression, I don’t have a job, am single, and live at home with my parents, and I’ve been paying for hair transplant surgeries since I was 18 and I’m broke.
My hair never leaves my mind, the only break I get is when I sleep. I don’t know what to do next. I’m schedueld to see some doctors this week, I live in the L.A. area. My honest feeling is that my only hope might be through Body Hair Transplantation with Dr. Umar, or maybe somehow something could be done with SMP. I’ve been dealing with this for 20 years and there’s no end in sight. I guess I’m just looking for some guidance, or encouragement. Any help would be much appreciated


Can you post some photos of the problem areas here?


I’m gonna work on getting some good photos. Thank you for the response


You should get some mental health treatment for your depression first before having any more treatment for your hair. Your depression is probably impacting your ability to see through this objectively. Please post some photos.


That’s good advice, I am already getting treatment, not helping yet but I am trying. Working on getting some photos sent to me from a clinic that I visited this last week who took some good photos. Thank you for the reply, much appreciated.


I had a hair transplant and still have a bald crown. I don’t care about it nor does anyone else. You need a find way to stop thinking about your hair all the time. A good therapist can help with this.


I agree


Just of note, Dr Shapiro recommended FUE to remove old hairline but I had the procedures done with another doctor. Just wanted to clarify that.


Which doctor did you use?


Dr. Varona, works with Ziering


As you describe it, assuming your assessment that there is no more head donor hair available is accurate, you have three options:

  1. Shave your head. Get some laser treatment for the pitting. Perhaps get some SMP and maybe it will look like a decent buzz cut. One of the best ways to stop thinking about your hair is to eliminate it. Own the new look.

  2. Body/beard hair transplant and re-transplant badly angled head hair.

  3. Get a wig.

Probably no harm in trying option 1 first and then going to options 2 or 3 if you feel you want to.


sounds about right. thanks for the response


Reading your story really hurts. I am at a loss for words. Shockloss, pitting, ridging in the hairline areas can be devestating and some options are limited to resection for repair especially if the tissue gas been impacted so many times. I really think Dr Wong may understand the scope of this. Body hair or nape hair or beard hair can really mess this up even more. Trust me on that one. I am probably facing something similar and this really needs a careful approach. Do not make any decision yet and it may be wise to see some folks in person. Your around the same age as me, had multiple procedures like me, and things are not ending up well. Please do not give any deposit anywhere just yet.


Hey SeanFUE, thank you for the reply. I’m really doing my best to look into my options, and could really use some third party guidance on what I hould do. I’ve visited a couple doctors and SMP practitioners and I get different opinions that are just confusing me even more. Wanted to see if maybe you’d be willing to talk?


Hey man, no prob. More than willing to help. Where are you located? If your nearby, I can see if I can meet in person. Otherwise, i am known as Sean across most forums. Some allow private messaging esp HTN, you can hit me up there and ill give you my direct line.

Be weary of smp, we’ll discuss it in depth.


Hey Sean, sent you a private message on Htn, hopefully you got it.


Unfortunately, I did not. I checked a few times. That’s ok, seank82 via skype can work.


Why don’t you post your photos so we can see how your result looks?


Hey, I don’t know how to use Skype, just email me at jbwj2016@gmail.


I just requested some photo’s that were taken on a recent consult, if they send them to me I’ll look into posting them. I don’t know why but it makes me uncomfortable posting photos