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Natural Cure for Hair Loss


Natural Cure for Hair Loss


Hair loss is a problem that no one seems to want. Hair falling from the scalp is a universally common thing to happen; but the scalp losing out the hair permanently is something quite ungainly. No wonder then, there is a whole world of hair loss treatments out there, each with a diverse approach to resolve the problem. Included in this plethora is the natural cure for hair loss, which is mainly about using herbal supplements to prevent hair loss.

Which are the natural cures of hair loss?

Today, the herbal supplements for hair loss prevention have gained wide currency in the western world. In fact, most people with hair loss problems would prefer trying out a herbal therapy before going in for more drastic measures of treatment. These supplements can contain a host of ingredients, including but not restricted to vitamins and multivitamins, oils such as primrose oil and fish oil, lysine, saw palmetto, horsetail, ginger, green tea extracts, licorice extracts, apple cider vinegar, rosemary, sage tea, psoralea seeds and a whole lot more. All these are totally natural products and they can be prepared in the form of a hair tonic to be applied over the scalp, or even sold as pills to be taken following a routine.

These natural hair loss remedies work in three ways on the scalp:

They prevent the hair from falling out of the scalp

They allow the hair to regrow from the places they have fallen out from

They make the hair thicker

It’s not just about the herbal supplements, though. Natural cures for hair loss can come in a variety of other ways too. Massage with special oils is very commonly done nowadays. The most common is the Indian herbal massage, in which oils are prepared using extracts of Indian gooseberry, henna, lemon oil, Indian margosa (neem), Terminalia chebula, Terminalia belerica and a host of others.

Then there’s the method of hypnosis also. But this works only in some cases. In some people, hair loss occurs due to stress and depression. Hypnosis can help to treat such cases of hair losses by improving the mental condition.