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My WHTC + Dr Patrick Mwamba -805 FUE grafts by FIT patchy shaven in FHL

The patient, 28 years old, with blonde, straight hairs came to visit us to improve his hair line density.
He is Norwood 2A in hair loss scale (thinning in frontal hair line).
He was on propecia and Rogaine for 5 years to prevent hair loss progression.
Dermascopic examination of his scalp didn’t reveal signs of miniaturization on top and vertex .We could lower his frontal hair line with no fear but the patient wanted a conservative approach; just increase the density of the thinning FHL and he wanted something very natural.
We grafted at 50 Fu/cm2 a total of 805 grafts.

The patient had long hairs .We decided to choose the FUE by FIT patchy shaven technique.
Because of his blonde hairs, the contrast skin color/ hair color is low .Therefore we do not have to choose necessarily thin hairs in the lower part of the donor to make a natural, not coarse hair line.

Dude’s got some pretty hair!

Dr Mwamba, are you still experimenting with Dr. Nigam’s techniques? Any updates?

There are 3 protocols we wanted to test :

  1. Scarless FUE ( How to avoid white dots or scars in donor FUE and maybe get some donor hair regeneration .

We are conducting some tests in Brussels but it is too early to give you any update .

  1. Hair Doubling
    3.Hair multiplication

The two required to have a lab to isolate hair stem cells .We are planning to work in the two last techniques in India. I have to find candidate to bring overthere and perform the test .But Dr Nigam is pursuing his study locally .

From the two patients I brought to India for the test , the first one who had a regular FUE for scarless FUE didn’t show up yet for Fup .He promises to come before the one year post op .

The second patient had small FUE test for scarless FUE and hair multiplication ( injection of stem cells cultured in lab for 6 weeks .Two trips to India .
Before I invest in a lab , I want to see results on this patient because he lives in brussels .As far as scaless FUE , the results are good .No signs of surgery ( hair extraction ) in donor area .
For Hair multiplication , we are 3 months post op and nothing so far .
Hair doubling and HM require two to three trips to India ;it is not easy to get patients willing to do that and we need to figure out how to deal with it financially .
Right now , my focus is to test the scarless FUE and I will make one or two trips in India to see how Nigam is progressing on his side .

I noticed the growth on the left side before any other details. I certainly find this hairline to be fine, and the location of the hairline is appropriate. While most men would only wish to be in this patient’s shoes, you have to commend the patient’s commitment to medical therapy. I can think of one hundred reasons why this approach shows eminent benefits. What, an eight hundred-graft result…

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