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My WHTC + Dr Mwamba -2041 grafts FUE by FIT shaven


The patient we are presenting today is a Norwood 3 who wanted to lower the FHL and restore density in frontal zone.
We recommended surgery plus our classic medical therapy.

In our technique, we shaved the back donor completely and the recipient area wasn’t shave at all .We often do that for patients who request it for quick social reinsertion.

We grafted the frontal hairline at 50 FU/cm2, the temples at 40 FU/cm2 and the forelock at 30 FU/cm2.
Lower density in forelock aim was to avoid shock loss .To compensate it , we did implant grafts of 3 hairs per follicle to reach the same hair volume .

The patient is very happy.


What an excellent use of grafts. The patient has certainly benefited from the procedure. Social reinsertion is a huge concern that patients face when they have reached the post-op period and desire as much undetectability as possible.

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