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My WHTC + Dr Mwamba - 1382 grafts FIT shaven in black woman


Fronto temporal recession with diffuse thinning is one of the major characteristic of Female Pattern hair loss.
In black woman patient, you need to rule out traction alopecia from braiding or sometimes those two entities coexist.

Because of our understanding of medical therapy related to hair loss and hair cycle, we are comfortable to recommend surgery for patients who commit to follow it.
Compliance is a key factor for medical therapy success .Of course in our clinic we do recommend the tri therapy : 1.Anti DHT ( Finasteride ) + Anagen stimulator ( Laser light , LED light , or Minoxidil 5 % ) + Catagen onset inhibitor ( Help hair Whey protein + Help hair vitamins ) .

In female patients, we do just recommend the bi therapy (anagen stimulators and catagen onset inhibitor).
Below you will find an illustration of one female patient with female hair loss pattern who were pushed to use wigs all the time …

Look at also the improvement in the donor area from laser and LED light therapy,

…And now we have a happy patient free of wigs.

Thank you