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My terrible experience with doctor alan bauman


Thank you Fener

However, I just don’t have the money or donor hair to do another transplant. alan bauman stripped me out severely .


You may want to write to the medical board of the state he practices in to get your records asap and have them review your case in person. Send them before photos and current stte photos as well. At the same time, might also want to file a complaint with the FTC to get the ball rolling. Hope you are able to get some assistance. Best of luck.


thank you for the luck and advice


If nothing grew, why did you go back to him for two additional surgeries? One failed surgery, with nothing to show for it, would have ended my visits to his office.


Fordham I have kicked my self many of day for going back to that butcher. alan bauman is VERY well spoken salesman but a TERRIBLE surgeon. Furthermore, he photo shops before and afters to con patients. After my first surgery with him I went in a year later complaining of no results. He said well let’s do some pics and see. In his pics it appeared I had great growth. Also, he stated that more surgeries would be needed to blend into the first surgery but that my results are coming along great. He likes to use the phrase " we have a lot of great action going on here." I totally agree with you that the first surgery with that butcher should have been my last. I was simply too trusting of that butcher after seeing him on a Dateline NBC special.


I am sorry to read about what you have been through. I hope that whatever work you have had with Dr. Umar is a success.


thank you


I’ve heard from several whom have had bad experiences with this particular doctor.


I know. I have spoken to many patients he has left disfigured like he did me. Unfortunately, bauman has most hair loss websites on his payroll. They promote and protect him. They protect him by removing any negative post that a former patient tries to post. They will also ban the poster from their site. Many hair loss sites conduct this corrupt practice then try to say it’s being fair to the doctor. Yet where is the fairness to the patient when bauman leaves us disfigured for LIFE???


So why cant this website refuse to service bauman?


What did your surgery with Dr. Umar accomplish? Did he strictly use scalp hair, or did he use beard? Dr. Umar saved my life, I had 4 surgeries with him, and about 90% of the grafts were beard grafts, I only had about 500-1000 scalp that could be extracted. I too had SMP into my strip scars and it helped it so much I now shave the back of my hair to a #1 guard, and while not perfect, between Dr. Umar putting beard hair in there and the SMP my eight or ten strip scars are barely noticeable anymore (to the untrained eye)

Tell us about your procedures with Dr. Umar.


I had one procedure with Dr. Umar that was about 2000 grafts. If I remember correctly half was scalp hair and half beard hair. I didn’t have any hair placed into the scars. I did have SMP into the scars which helped some with concealing the scars. However, a lot of the SMP faded away for some reason causing me to have to let the back and sides grow out long to cover the severe scarring compliments of alan bauman. Nothing against Dr. Umar but due to financial reasons I have not returned for more hair transplants.


Carl, there is no substitute for beard hair into scars. SMP is an addition to the beard hair, not the other way around. In my opinion, SMP into strip scars only works in conjunction with beard hair. That’s why my atrocious scarring is now something. I don’t think twice about (in fairness to my butcher, he did excellent suturing and the scars are very thin, however, I have between 8 and 10 of them)
If you want to put yours to rest, see Dr Umar and have beard put into them. Trust me, I know the cost, it took me about 4 years to pay for all my work, but it’s paid for, and worth every penny to me.


Dear Mr. Coyote, and anybody else who has had beard extractions with Dr. Umar.

I am considering a procedure with Dr. Umar. I have had four strip surgeries going back to the early 90s. Fortunately, I don’t have much of a scarring issue though I tend to keep my hair at least an inch long on the back and sides.

However, I don’t have much head donor left and I want to fill in my crown and build up my temples. So, I am considering beard hair.

My question is whether there was much noticeable scarring on your face from the beard extractions, and wether you had to use lasers or other methods to mitigate the scaring on your face.

Thanks, all.



I had all my extractions done under the chin, this way I can still keep a light beard (which I usually have) and I managed to get between 4K and 5K grafts out from under the chin. You can definitely use beard to fill in your crown and other areas, not sure about your temples but Dr. Umar is the expert at blending this in, and he’ll know for sure.
As far as scarring, I don’t notice any at all, but I’m very light complected, and this helps to camouflage all the extractions. As far as I’m concerned, any scarring that would result under the chin would be irrelevant as no one is going to notice anything there, and I think this type of scarring would be negligible anyway. As far as on your face, I really don’t know, because I’ve never had any removed there. It would be something I might worry about but I would suggest to just get your grafts under your chin and you should have no concerns with scarring.


I agree with wileycoyote. Dr Umar took about 1000 grafts from my beard and it’s barely noticeable


Thanks for the reply. To clarify, what’s barely noticeable, the scarring or the loss of 1000 grafts? Thanks.


that’s correct. best wishes to you going forward

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