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My terrible experience with doctor alan bauman


This was my experience with alan bauman. He disfigured me for life with permanent painful nerve damage for LIFE! He lies and says this is the work of another doctor. However, he will NOT release my medical records.


What doctor does Doctor Bauman say did the damaging work on you?

Your photos are not very helpful with your hair all shaved off. Even with your scars, you hair might look good grown out at a normal length.


bauman claims a Dr shory from the 90s did this to me. I have to let my hair grow out rather long on the sides to cover the horrific scars alan bauman put on me.


What is the significance of releasing medical records? what would that accomplish?


Did you have surgery with another doctor before having surgery with Dr. Bauman? How many procedures and grafts did you have with Dr. Bauman? If Dr Bauman refuses to release your medical records, contact the medical board in Florida.


if bauman has nothing to hide and all of this is the work of another doctor as he says he should be willing to release my records. Furthermore, I wanted to take my medical records to the medical board and legal services. I am NOT the only patient bauman has done this to.


Yes i did had surgery with another doctor before bauman. I had 3 procedures with bauman. I CLEARLY told him when I first went to him I did NOT want multiple strip scars! He assured me he would NOT do multiple strips! He claims I got a total of 5000 grafts but NOTHING GREW! I actually had LESS hair after each procedure with him. He claims this is all the work of another doctor. The medical boards here in Florida let these cosmetic doctors do anything they want. It’s like the wild west.


In fairness, let’s see some photos with your hair at a normal length.


I too have strip scars like yours, that’s pretty much expected if you are going for strip. Can’t escape. If you are one of the few lucky ones, you get a pencil thin strip scar but don’t expect that as the norm.

Got photos of your frontal hairline and top ?


is a kenalog injection advisable to address the unsightly scars?


Since this video I have had partial repair work with Dr. Umar and scalp micropigmentation to repair this butcher job. It does look better now but the scars are visible unless I let the hair grow out at least a good inch.


I have used Scalp micropigmentation into the scars


Strip scars are understandable but I don’t know why he had to do 2. Why he couldn’t have just used the same scar each time. My scars are NOT pencil thin. People notice them all the time.


Did you ask him why he took two separate strips? How many years ago did you have your last surgery with Dr. Bauman?


I don’t know what state Dr. Bauman is in, but in CA, under the evidence code, and perhaps the business and professions code, a doctor must release medical records. I would be surprised is that isn’t true for all states.

If I were you, I would google the issue. If I’m right, send a letter to Dr. Bauman citing the code and give him a deadline to produce the records promising to sue if he doesn’t. Alternatively, you can probably pay an attorney $100 to send a letter. Good luck.


I didn’t realize until weeks later he did a second strip. I went to my follow up with him angry. I ask why did you do a second strip after I CLEARLY told you not to up front? He made some lame excuse about harvesting from different areas was better blah blah blah

read what he did to this guy. he took 3 strips from him


Thank you for the advice. The alternative of paying an attorney would probably be more effective. The medical board in Florida is VERY lax on doctors no matter how bad they butcher patients. I have reached out to them and NOTHING was done!


@Carl_Counts what are you going to do once you have obtained your medical records? Is there anything in the records that you don’t already know, Nobody knows about your case better than you yourself.


First of all I’m going to review the records for accuracy and see if he has altered them in any way. Then I will post them to prove that bauman NOT another doctor (as he says) did this butcher job to me. I may also let a lawyer review them. However, It will be an absolute MIRACLE if he EVER gives me my medical records. His refusal to do so simply proves he has something to hide.


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