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My Recent Experience

I have been posting many years here, on and off. I have had two FUE procedures and a few strips, going back almost 30 years, all with different doctors. My last three procedures were with doctors who are all very well known on this site. I believe all three are very skilled.

I wanted to comment about the last procedure I had, and I have mixed feelings about it.

When I was prepping for the procedure, a nurse gave me a shot, and told me it was to relax me. It actually put me completely out for hours. Frankly, I was ok with being out and not dealing with the unpleasantness of the local injections and the boredom of sitting while people are cutting up my scalp, but even now when I think about it, I’m still a little shocked that it was not discussed with me first.

Second, when I woke up, I was laying backwards in the chair, with my head almost completely unsupported. I think the edge of the chair probably supported my lower neck a bit. The doctor would have me turn my head to one side or the other. You can imagine how awkward this is on your spine to have your head hanging over the edge at an angle for any length of time, while you are otherwise flat on your back. When I shifted my body to better align it with my dangling head, the doctor got annoyed with me!

Anyway, I’m still mostly in the dormant phase, so I don’t know what the ultimate result will be, but I sense, given my long experience with such procedures, the doctor was very skilled at extraction, and placement didn’t include my hairline, so artistic placement was less of an issue for this procedure.

I am not giong to mention the name of the doctor, because, even given the foregoing, I might go back for a touch up, depending on the result. But sometimes, you just have to wonder WTF some people are thinking…

Anyway, that’s my rant for today.

Among all the strips and fue you had done in the past, this the first time ever that happened to you

Yes, it’s the first time I was put completely out.

This doesn’t sound right, I don’t think it is medically necessary to put someone out in order to do FUE, how many grafts did you get? You didnt get a megasession or anything like that, did you?

I too would be upset over this.

Did you check the Covid vaccination status of the clinic staff before you went for the procedure? I am thinking of getting something done , I wonder if the clinic would be offended if I tell them upfront that I only want to get the treatment if the doctor and all the medical staff are fully vax’d.

They told me they were all vaccinated. I think any reputable clinic would require it, but I don’t think they would be offended if you asked. They didn’t ask me if I had been vaccinated, but they did test me for the virus when I walked in, at my expense.

Speaking of my expense, I have to say that after spending enough money to buy a late model Mercedes Benz in great condition, it did seem unbelievably petty and cheap when they tried to sell me the doctor branded hair vitamins before I walked out the door. They also didn’t simply give me antibiotics to take with me - they gave me the prescription so late in the process it would have required me to go to a pharmacy, probably stand in line, etc., with my head recently worked on. Again, you sometimes have to wonder WTF people are thinking…

A nurse? I am not a doctor but I thought an anesthesiologist has to be present in order for a clinic to administer general anesthesia, much like people getting a colonoscopy.

I’m not a doctor either, but I think the term “general anesthesia” is widely misunderstood. They can put you out with a shot and they monitor your oxygen levels with an oximeter on your finger. Although you’re totally out, it’s not the same as when they’re doing major surgery and instead of a single shot, they keep you breathing an anesthetic.

a hair transplant and a Mercedes Benz, mid life crisis? :smile:

enjoy buddy; have fun reopening the economy

No, the money I spent on the HT could have bought me the car. I didn’t buy the car.

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