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My, opinions on poor FUE


All things are equal among FUE and FUT, especially aesthetic results. However, hairs per graft are more likely to be more with FUE. The surgeons who are newest to FUE don’t produce the level of consistency in aesthetically pleasing results. The level of trauma is as good as the surgeon’s skill set and training allows. The leaders in FUE all have one thing in common; experience, which can’t be taught. One surgeon will present a better yield and consistently minimal trauma. To further my opinion, there are surgeons who innovate, and there are surgeon’s who rely on their name. To separate the best from average, training, instrumentation, and artistic ability are key. Poor FUE signifies poor practices, attention to detail, and training. If one surgeon is better at FUE or FUT, that surgeon will produce the better result. The entire reason for FUE is a matter of donor results.

Current poor FUE results are performed by clinics and surgeons who are newest to performing the method. FUE is not better than FUT, the difference is merely a matter of expectations in the donor.We can compare the differences among the most versatile surgeons with new surgeons and see that experience is a leading common denominator. Furthermore, expert surgeons can remove poor aesthetic FUT and FUE results. Think about it; in this community, FUE results are best represented by the most experienced surgeons and clinics. Experience separates the majority of good FUE results, bad FUE results, and ugliest FUE results. We can study and observe how yield, transection, and aesthetic quality are produced very similarly among results in the hands of good surgeons who posses the versatility. Learning curve can be an issue for new FUE surgeons. The investment of time and determination to perform the physically exerting work is demanded by FUE, and that may be the factor that separates many poor FUE surgeons and their FUE results. That said, be mindful of the differences in geographical locations of today’s acceptable FUE practices and results. FUE is an extraction process that is far more complicated than FUT. FUE requires specific protocols in handling of grafts, graft storage, and instruments with the technique.

There are simply great FUT surgeons who perform poor FUE. Poor FUE means improper growth angles, misplaced grafts, and high graft transection. The best aesthetic surgeon practicing FUE and FUT is the evidence that no one technique can be performed to be more superior; results are specific to a surgeon’s ability, training, and education. That said, don’t look at the doctors who charge cheap and produce cheap, economics is irrelevant in this thread. Lastly, various FUT clinics have technicians handling and dissecting grafts while FUE is more dependent on the surgeons skill for graft removal.

These are reasons for poor FUE results; skills, training, artistic ability. In consideration of poor FUE, experience might be above all.

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