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My Not-So-Great Armani Results


I had 2,800 grafts with Dr. Armani approximately 3 years ago. At 16-18 months I realized that grafts on my left temple would not grow so I contacted Dr. Armani’s clinic. They told me I would need to purchase more grafts. About 3 months ago, Pats told me on another hair loss forum that they could provide a free touch-up under their free touch-up policy. I realize this is negative but feel I must tell this story to provide the community with more accurate information. Clinics need to live up to their reputations of what they’re claiming to sell, and I’m afraid some will not unless the public is made aware of certain things. After they publicly said they could fix the result, they eventually ignored my request and never honored the free touch-up policy. Here are my results:

7 months:

12 months:

I plan to touch up with another surgeon. Pats tried to silence me by saying they don’t respond to threats. This is not a threat… just the truth, and I’m not looking for a touch up done by Armani any longer. Maybe this stands out in light of all the positive posts, but I feel that people need to be educated on all sides of the hair transplant industry. Thank you for allowing me to post this.


It does not look to bad in photos.


Well, it would not be too bad if it were 20-30 grafts per cm2, but I’m afraid he put 70 grafts per cm2 in that temple, and I lost plenty of grafts. Dr. Armani’s fault? Perhaps not. But the way his salespeople handled this by publicly saying they could fix it and then not honoring it is highly deceiving in my opinion. I did pay a lot of money to get this transplant, and others will too. Others should be able to expect what happened to me to happen to them as well unless they are one of the lucky few who post here. I feel that there are a lot of other cases like my own given the way they handled it. In the end, I probably should have gone to a different clinic.


You need to provide pre-op pictures in order to make a determination on your results. Immediate post op pics would also help to show graft placement. Did they say why you were denied the free touch-up? Did you go to his office for an evaluation? Too many unknowns to make a judgement on your case. But if your’re not happy with the results then your expectations were obviously not met.


I’m sorry that you feel this way emc2. But please understand that you contacted us three years after your procedure with us and after several procedures at other clinics.

It’s our policy to always provide touch-ups. We only asked that you provide clear photos, prior to your procedures additional procedures, that outline the problem area.

Feel free to send me an e-mail emc2. I’m more than happy to schedule a meeting to discuss your concerns with Dr. Armani.


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