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My new total solution


Just to let you know, I am a long timer and dut for 3 years made my hair fall out massively fin caused shock loss at the front which never grew back minox in peg for a few years did nothing much to halt hairloss but I do have fine semi atrophied (intermediate) hair all over.

I have been using foam for about 4 months which produced some shedding that has stabilised.

NOW I am using foam applied to a dermatch pad… add one drop of dut…mix…apply to head…leave to dry for 3.5 mins…brush…gently rub off excess with cloth or tissue.

It probably won’t work but at least its all compatible easy to use and for now still gives a good cover up.

I’ll report an update in a couple of months when all my hair has fallen out:-)


That’s tough mate,very sad to read.
Looks like surgery isn’t the only restoration option doing more harm then good.

When you had your shed with the foam did you just shed hair in the areas you applied the foam to or was the shed all over your head?
I had a massive shed thanks to a inflammatory reaction to Nogaine liquid 5%. The shed is bad but waiting the 6 months to see if the hairs will grow back is even worse. I am up to the 3 month mark now,still waiting.
It’s times like this where you can’t help but think that today’s lotions & pills are no different to the snake oil they sold in the past.

Where do you rank on the Norwood Scale ?