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My hair transplants experience

Hello to the members of the group,
2 months ago I decided to do a hair transplant, and before the process I had a lot of questions and concerns. Where to do? In which country? In Turkey? How to choose a really good clinic with a well-known and registered doctor with a lot of experience that will achieve the best result? What insurance should be taken out in preparation for such a process?
What is forbidden and what is allowed to do before the transplant, on the days of the transplant and after the transplant?
For the benefit of those in line, sharing my transplant story.
The transplant was performed on 22.3.2022. After much research both in Israel and in Turkey, understanding the quality of the doctors and the connection between the height of the price and the quality received, I chose Dr. Handan, a specialist dermatologist with 15 years of experience in the world of transplants, a lecturer in academia and one of the best in Turkey.
In addition, behind it stands a clinic staff, nurses who have been working together for about ten years, are very skilled and the cooperation between them is perfect.
Another thing I did not compromise on is making sure the doctor is present at all the important core stages in the process and accompanies the staff closely.
In the boutique clinic, only 2,3 transplants are performed per day, which allows the doctor to give optimal attention to each patient.
There are “industrial” clinics that have about 20 to 40 patients a day, one doctor, and I doubted his ability to really be present.
In addition, the company where I closed the package takes care of medical malpractice insurance, in fact the only ones who do so, and takes care of flights on Turkish Airlines with medical status.
The relationship with the agent was excellent at the stage of clarifying the needs and the suitability for the transplant. All my questions were answered accurately, clearly and fluently.
I did full blood tests as directed by the doctor at the clinic.
About a week before the flight, a representative of the company in Turkey, who is a Hebrew-speaking Turkish / Israeli, contacted me and began to explain what was going to happen in the days before the flight, what to do in terms of preparations, what to avoid and what to expect when landing in Turkey.
The flight arrangements and the hotel were sent to us in advance, and on landing a driver was waiting for us who picked us up in a pampering car for the hotel.
A representative of the agent was waiting for us at the hotel, who from that moment until we left the country did not leave us and took care of all our logistical needs, arrangements, shopping, inquiries, restaurants, recognition of the area. The guy accompanied us wherever we wanted, translating what was needed in front of the locals.
The first day was devoted to getting organized, touring the city of restaurants and entertainment.
On the second day of my stay I arrived at the clinic to perform the transplant.
I had blood tests, then shaving the head and marking the lines on the head for the donor part and the trsnplanted part, including accurate measurements of the hairline.
Next stage - the anesthesia stage. Anyone who is afraid of the stage must point out that at least for me it was about 10-15 minutes of small punctures, reminiscent of a dentist’s anesthesia.
After a quarter of an hour the head was already dormant, I felt nothing and the treatment began. For about 3 hours about 3500 grafts were removed from the back of the head and also slightly from the sides.
Second stage - insertion of the grafts using the dhi method.
Before approaching this stage, the doctor consulted with me and explained the options for transplanting the 3500 follicles (this is the maximum they were able to remove from the donor area without causing excessive thinning.
(The choice is the patient’s (similar to a girl who does breast surgery, each and every one of her tastes).
I chose a large concentration of grafts in the anterior part (1800), 1000 grafts in the dome area, and another 700 grafts in the middle in between depending on the condition before the transplant in terms of hair concentrations.
During the insertion of the follicles, 3 experienced nurses worked on me. 2 of them insert the grafts quickly and skillfully into the sapphire needles and one performs the insertion. It should be noted that in the dhi method the insertion is easier and the recovery should also be faster in the donated area.
A total of about 7 and a half hours from the start of the process, including a food break, I completed the transplant phase and a dressing was performed for the donor area.
We were then taken to the hotel for a night’s rest.
On the third day towards noon we were picked up at the clinic for the bandage removal stage. We were then allowed free time which we took advantage of for shopping and errands along with the translator’s lender.
On the last day we arrived at the clinic for a final examination by the doctor, initial rinsing by the staff of the head by conditioner foam and then overlapping with shampoo.
We were then given mesotherapy therapy to encourage growth.
At the end of the treatment phase, the doctor sat with us for a long time and explained what was going to happen in the next six months, what vitamins we should take, what weekly treatments to perform and what monthly treatments.
The treatment includes recommendations for prf treatments, mesotherapy, vitamins, compatible shampoo, etc. The treatment is important not only for the transplanted follicles but also for the preservation of the existing hair.
A driver from the clinic picked us up at the airport.
The whole experience was just wonderful, even though it was not a simple surgical procedure. The VIP service we received from both the Israeli agent’s representatives and the clinic staff was just perfect.
Of course there is continued follow-up and follow-up on the phone and photos every 3 days during the month after the transplant, and according to the rate of progress, instructions will be given for further treatment.
This is so far, in the coming weeks I will share later in the recovery process and at a later stage in the results and pictures of before and after.
Attaches a picture of the situation before and a picture from today.
Pictures along the way will show what the change will look like.
Anyone interested in more details would love to share. Yuvalfranco10@gmail.com

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