My hair is GROWING! Naturally!

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I hear a topical caffeine solution also blocks DHT. Anyone hear anything about that?[/quote]

There was a study on caffeine as a hair loss treatment,
Effect of caffeine and testosterone on the proliferation of human hair follicles in vitro.


Androgen-dependent growth inhibition of ex vivo hair follicles from patients suffering from AGA was present in the human hair organ culture model, a constellation which may serve for future studies to screen new substances against androgen-dependent hair loss. Caffeine was identified as a stimulator of human hair growth in vitro; a fact which may have important clinical impact in the management of AGA."

Wow this is amazing effect…:slight_smile:

:smiley: I got some encouraging news, I have been using the uk hair solutions for 5 months,i apply it on sunday nights and wednesday nights and only use the shampoo from powerhair to wash the oil the other days i wash with Weleda shampoo ,i m not losing hair anymore, after a recommendation of my brush with amy homeopath i m using a brush made of wild boar’s hair and i only find a tiny hair or two a day, and maybe another 2 on my cousin, nothing on my shoulders which is nothing like before when i had to pick up 20 hairs every morning from the bed and started washing my hair only once a week to avoid the after shower depression picking up hairs.
I think it’s brilliant even though rober who started this thread had hair growing on 5 months and i m only having the hair loss stopping i still think it is a good sign.
My hair feels a little dry though i hear obama had the same effect, is there anybody here who felt the same?

I think it is a good news that the product is actually reacting with your hair, so i don’t think you should worry about the dryness as long as your hair loss stopped, i read some reviews about the dryness on other forums like boldtruth and it fades away after sometime, but the guys who said that were talking about the new hair they are growing that is dry and frizzy , are you sure you don’t have any regrowth?
I m doing the treatment still just started recently and no results yet. :slight_smile:

I have been sceptical about this treatment but there are just too many encouraging reviews online
i stopped propecia and i started the treatment oil and shampoo on September 2011 in few months i notices less hair on my pillow and my hair was getting thicker.

26 months later for the first time new hairs are growing, i don’t have any pictures that will show the difference and it is not as spectacular as the pictures of robert122 and i i still have a receding hairline but i have at least twice more hair than 2 years ago.

Many people probably have results and never come back and share them on forums to help others, i will post my encouragements everywhere and i hope you will do the same if this treatment works for you.
Don’t give up guys :slight_smile:

My hair is starting to get dry and that’s what many people on forums say when their hair is about to start growing, right? :smiley:
The hair seems thicker too and i m not losing that many hairs in the shower :smiley:

Hello everyone !

Sorry for my bad english but I just registered to warn you not to buy anything from this website: It is fradulent !

It\\'s not because their products are bad, it\\'s because they will get your money. It is a scaam! I am usually very cautious with everything I buy online but this, I must tell you, is the most well organized scaam I have ever seen. They have putted a lot of effort to it and have been promoting it on several websites (even in french ones) saying their products are excellent. The page is also very well made and they use paypal services for the payment so I really thought it was legit; as a result I spent about 250 euros for nothing and got my heart literally shattered. At least hopefully with this post I will prevent some people to be tricked as I was.



I know I’m late but just seen the first post - very impressive!

I m sorry pedro but everyone can see that you work for competition, i am using this treatment and i did purchase it from and it is not a scm and my hair stopped falling, i m still using it now hoping for regrowth and i m not sure this will happen as i have a long history of thin hair but i am already very happy with the stronger hair i am having now with this treatment + there is a heap of people using that treatment and talking about it and have not been stolen, so i dont know what you are talking about, unless you are working for the competition and i would say that s lame to stop people from buying and trying their luck

No britishmarco I do not work for competition but I am very sorry for my first post. It is indeed not true, I think… The reason I thought ukhairsolutions was a scaam was mainly because I was unable to contact them for way more than a week. After I did my payment I never got any kind of confirmation or information about shipping details or anything related to my purchase so, immediately I tried to reach them via email and telephone, but was unsuccessful every single time! This went for more than a week! So, obviously, I became really worried and started searching everything about them, and soon after that search lead me to the unfortunate conclusion that you saw on my first post…

Once again I apologize for everything. Feel free to delete what I have written.

Ok i see, no worries man, i m glad you managed to communicate with them.
It s just that i read some bad reviews about this company on some threads and most of them are just competition, one thing i know is that it is a small business because they do take time to reply to questions and they dont advertise online, so must be a small thing but still works quite fine, i was put off by the bad reviews i read but i m happy i gave it a chance, my hairloss has stopped and my hair look at its best, i wish it s not too late for me to get some serious regrowth :expressionless:

All the best

Well done

Nice to know about your hair growth with natural products and specially without surgery.
Caster Oil and coconut are always considered to be best for natural hair growth and to prevent hair loss.

These crappy pictures have been up for 3 years and there were no updates - that is a massive red flag - I am calling bull$hit…