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My bad transplant


Dear all,

I am new to this site.Just wanted to bring to your notice that I had my transplant with doctor amitabh shrivastava,who earlier was practicing in delhi but now is in pune.Just like mr aman who posted in this site earlier even i had my transplant with him and my results are bad.


Really sorry to hear that. I’m very anti transplant just based on some of the stories I have read but I am London based


By bad result, do you mean poor growth, an unnatural appearance or both?

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i mean to say both
natural look as well as growth is bad


Sorry to hear that, did you try to contact your doctor? Try to learn from your experience and do your research, cost or distance should not be the reason to chose a good doctor.


my transplant results are bad
i have visited my doctor atleast 3-4 times and he tells me to have patience
when there was no growth at my crown for about 8-10 months.the answer to me was that the crown portion is a difficult portion for hair growth and most of the doctors dont even go for a transplantation at the crown.
every time he kept on changing the medicines.
initally he suggested minoxidol 3%,after that during the next visit mioxidol 5%,then he told me to switch over to 10%
during my final visit he recommended to stop minoxidol and start abott hair serum.
i am not receiving any answers from his end


Are you 10 months after surgery now? i will suggest to wait 12 months to fully evaluate your growth


im 15 months post my surgerry and the results are bad
i have not received any reply from dr amitabh srivastava regarding the bad transplant


Can you upload some before and after photos? What is that product he asked you to use? Never heard of it.


i will definitely post my pics
the product he recommended to me is a hair serum by abbott


HI Vishu,

Can you share you before and after picture ? I am also planning to do hair transplant in pune, and will greatly appreciate if you can give some suggestions?




Sorry to hear that my friend.

I can relate to you due to me having 4 botched procedures, of which the last 2 were attempted repairs by the same doctor. Don’t give up hope. I researched Dr. Umar for 4 years before taking the plunge with him in a mega session. He proved that there are good doctors out there who are ethical and do provide good results.

Best of luck moving forward.

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