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Multi-prong strategy


I’ve spent some good money getting these things together and I am going to approach my thinning on the crown and top of my head with everything… I am 26 years old and it sucks to be going through something that most of my friends dont even worry about…

  1. Nanogen Scalp Roller … it helps in stimulating hair growth and healing also allows better absorption of other treatments. This is baseline and than I will apply other treatments
  2. Protopic Ointment- a strong immunosuppressant drug that inhibits T-cell’s and has produced new follicles in some patients. Key to this drug is getting penetration through skin since the molecule weighs alot for optimal absorption. That is where the dmso and wounding from roller and Nitric Oxide helps and also the Retin-A
  3. Nitric Oxide Topical Spray (NO Infuse brand)- acts like rogaine without the bloating side effects and relases nitric oxide to stimulate more hair growth.
  4. Lithium Orotate and DMSO solution- to increase wnt signalling. I have tablets that I will crush in powder form and than put in DMSO Solution which is very effective in increasing skin absorption.
  5. Copper Peptide Folligen Spray- helps in healing and stimulating hair growth
  6. Nanogen Hair Shampoo- includes saw pawlmetto extract and other topical dht inhibitors.
  7. Zinc Oxide gel and Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal5-Phosphate) This is the only Vitamin B6 deritave that is proven to help hair growth. This combined with zinc has a synergistic effect on hair growth
  8. Retin-A: Proven treatment that increases collagen and hair growth. Also allows for increased absorption of various treatments. Retin A on its own has shown great results in many patients. If you add Rogaine or nitric oxide even better results are achieved.
  9. In a few weeks time I will also add PRP treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma) to my regiment: It is not a 100% proven treatment but it helps hair grow by providing concentrated platelets that are necessary for proper healing and other growth factors. So it can’t hurt. I have ordered a blood centrifuge machine which seperates different parts of the blood. I will exctract my own blood and than use the concentrated plasma from it to inject into various sites. Using lidocaine or benzocaine to numb the scalp is advised of course.

So basically the gameplan is to first wound the skin as to active the healing process… than to increase wnt signalling using various methods and support that by providing increased absorption of various treatments and also addressing other side issues related to balding and hair thinning.

Hopefully I will report back in the next 2-4 weeks to let you know of my results.

I would like to hear thoughts on my ex