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MS - 3621 + FUHT Grafts ( 9 months update ) Dr. A\'s Clinic


Patient nicknamed MS underwent a FUHT grafts procedure 9 months ago. 3621 grafts were placed to recreate the hairline and the front and the vertex areas . He is happy with the progress so far.
The focus was a youthful hairline and the front area.

Before pictures

After pictures

Graft placement picture


as usual, there is no crown picture (bird’s eye view) which makes the whole process of photograph taking pointless.


nice hairline, good densitiy (which will even improve over the next few months)


As long as the patient is happy that is the main goal.

I would point out that one of the drawbacks of using a strip procedure for the hairline is that the hairs are coming from the sweet spot, which contain the thickest caliber and most robust hairs. This is great for density if you don’t mind the scar for which many do not have a problem. The problem as I see it is that the hairs are much too thick for the hairline. Eyes will immediately be drawn to this area as something doesn’t seem to be quite right. For many a second glance will not be forthcoming and they will not give it much thought. But for too many outside observers a closer look will be evident as their eyes are drawn towards the hairline trying to figure out what seems to be out of place. For those familiar with HT they will know instantly that a procedure has been performed in this example. I apologize for being a little harsh here but it is an important point for those researching the procedure.

I would highly suggest using fue to soften that hairline.

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