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More Hair! - Dermal Stem Cell Breakthrough


Orlando, Florida - This is the place that we all know lets you look good and feel good. Your can let your hair flow and glow as your body soaks the sun. The Florida beaches are amazing and you can just enjoy them from a walkway if you do not want to get wet. So, as one of the top places for looking and feeling younger, it is only appropriate that the most recent stem cell development comes from this sunny state.

The study was published in the PLOS journal and shows some fascinating results. In particular, scientists where able to propagate dermal papilla stem cells. This is a critical part of hair structure and hair growth. However, prior attempt have never succeeded in making it work. But thanks to a group from the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, we are now one step closer to potential human application of this treatment for balding.

“Stem cell research has years to go, but it is always great to see leaps in knowledge in peer reviewed research” states Dr. Rashid of Houston’s Mosaic Clinic Hair Transplant Center. This is also a good time to remember, the hair loss world is full of snake oil and anecdotal treatment options so people should be careful in what they spend money on. Just because it is available by a spa or clinic, does not mean it is proven to work.

If you have hair loss or scalp thinning issues, feel free to reach out to us anytime at the Mosaic Clinic.


I can’t figure out what the purpose of this message is, other than advertising for Dr. Rashid’s hair transplant clinic.

First of all, my understanding is that Dr. Terskikh’s lab is located in San Diego, not Orlando. (Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute has an additional lab in Orlando, but I believe the stem cell hair research is happening in Dr. Terskikh’s San Diego lab).

Secondly, why turn a genuine scientific development into an opportunity for free advertising? That sounds kind of desperate to me.

It’s a typical tactic of HT doctors – whenever a promising new development appears, IMMEDIATELY they jump in and tell us it won’t be available for a few years, and by the way, YOU SHOULD COME IN AND GET TRANSPLANTS AT OUR CLINIC RIGHT NOW!!!


Why would anyone get a hair transplant? Even the best of them only look good for a short amount of time. Eventually the hair falls and all is left is the transplanted hair.


Not everyone with MPB is going NW#6.