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Can you list out your regime i want to give it a shot in a couple weeks?

are you washing your hair during the process?


» Can you list out your regime i want to give it a shot in a couple weeks?
» are you washing your hair during the process?

Basically, 30% tca peel. Apply and allow it to self-neutralise (after 5 mins).
Repeat this until you have applied 5 consecutive layers of chemical peel.

The following day, apply topical gefitinib once in morning and once at night and also apply topical quercetin (quercetin is to INHIBIT wnt for the first few days) at a different time of the day. I also applied topical tacrolimus to compromise the immune system locally. Tacrolimus once a day.
If you can, it’s also an idea to take diphenhydramine tablets at night(Nightaid, Nytol) for the anti-histamine effect.

After 3 days, I ceased applying quercetin and continued with gefit. During this time of epithelization, I did not wash the scalp and was very careful when applying topicals (ie: do not rub)

It was Day 7 before the scalp began to peel and peeling was complete at Day 9.
After this time, I deemed it acceptable to use water only on the scalp. I also introduced copper peptides every other day, a topical antihistamine such as Benadryl and topical lithium orotate (wnt upregulation).

I continued with all of this until I ran out of topical gefit at around Day 26. I then just continued with copper peptides and introduced minox twice a day. I ceased topical tacro and also anti-histamines. I also introduced topical caffeine at midday (so as not to clash with minox) and more recently, I’ve started using topical roxithromycin once a day.

Sounds complicated, I know. Mike did it very simply and has got exceptional results. Basically, he wounded (my wounding technique was modeled on his) and then applied topical gefit for about 20 days. No wnt upregulation or anything else.

The catalyst for this process seems to be the WOUNDING. Most people are too concerned about the hair they already have (it doesn’t get damaged) to effectively wound deeply enough or over a large enough area. The first time I got results, I SANDED very brutally but when I peeled, it was patches of skin here and there and the resultant hair matched that irregular, sporadic pattern.

This time, the WHOLE scalp peeled and practically in one piece. It was amazing to see this large piece of skin come away. Every single part of the scalp has peeled.

Now I’m playing the waiting game but I’m seeing growth of smaller terminals already and also enlargement of existing follicles. Nothing cosmetic as yet.