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Meet MyWHTC\'s Dr. Patrick Mwamba -Free London consultations -Nov. 22 & 23, 2014


We are extremely pleased to announce that Dr. Patrick Mwamba, MD, will be conducting free in-person consultations in London. The consultations are being held on the 22nd and 23rd of November, 2014, from approximately 9 am until late evening.

These free appointments offer individuals a great opportunity to receive first-hand knowledge of what Dr. Patrick Mwamba, MD, recommends for non-surgical and surgical treatment of hair loss.

There are many considerations to be made prior to making a decision to treat hair loss. Consulting a hair restoration expert is a very important process in pursuing the most beneficial treatment methods for hair loss.

The first step to reserve an appointment is emailing customer.care@mywhtc.com or calling +44-203-318-6228 to contact our friendly patient care staff.

Location: 2 Spring Gardens, Trafalgar Square, London SW1A 2TS, UK

My World Hair Transplant Center
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Hello everyone,

The doctor’s schedule has very few remaining openings. We plan on making this a wonderful weekend in the United Kingdom. If there are any takers out there, please come see us!

My World Hair Transplant Center

Free Consultation Dates & Cities for Dr. Patrick Mwamba
London, United Kingdom - Available (Saturdays)
Zurich, Switzerland - Available (Saturdays)
Bologna, Italy - Available (Saturdays)
Brussels, Belgium - Available (Sunday - Friday)

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+32-2-538-4404 (office)
+44-203-318-6228 (UK)
770-663-1290 (US office)

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My opinions are based on my beliefs and are my own.