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Man Dies After Hair Transplant


I created a monster…they are popping up everywhere…people are dying or being disfigured based on this non invasive…no strip…thousands of follicles a day LIE

God help me… how do I fix this…My Website tells the story as do hundreds of posts

The website is still there but undergoing reconstruction

its about “feel”…micro proprioception …and years of trial and error and being careful and not going for quick easy bucks from day one…but that is a hard sell to a fundamentally corrupt greedy and and often evil industry

Dr Ray Woods


And another poor soul died on the table in a mega session somewhere in spain
Just a few days ago
look it up and say a prayer

Dr Woods


OMG, why are these tragedies popping up everywhere all of a sudden !


Yep, in Spain, it is also suspected that the death might have something to do with anesthetics