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Making my own Caffeine shampoo for hair growth

I find this to be very interesting because caffeine/coffee is a vasoconstrictor. Henceforth, If that is the case wouldn’t blood flow be compromised, which would lead to less hair growth?

About my hair loss journey:


how did it work ? caffeine on your hair? was it any good?

I have been using this myself also since I stopped taking finasteride. The consensus is to simply brew your own coffee like you normally do and store it in a bottle in full strength, do not dilute or mix with anything else. Then use it like a hair conditioner , leave it in, towel dry.

I do get more body and volume to my hair, no doubt about that. Some say coffee can be used as anti androgen and counter DHT on our scalp, I haven’t found too many studies about that yet. We shall see if this stops further hair loss for me.

BTW, I am also using topical minox.

Are you nuts? Buy caffeine pills. It will be cheaper, probably stronger, and likely much less bother to crush them and mix with your soap.

We know coffee is rich in antioxidants but we do not know if it is just pure caffeine or something else inside coffee that is beneficial to hair. So using fresh brewed coffee is actually our best bet to reap all the benefits.

This coffee regimen may slow down my hair loss a bit but since I stopped finasteride earlier this year, my hair has been falling very rapidly, I am so devastated, I went back on finasteride pills last month. Coffee makes my hair feel thicker, but it doesn’t stop my hair loss !!

Caffeine can help guide your follicles’ behavior and could play an important role in regulating hair growth. Do not forget to add other hair loss supplements and vitamins. Biotin (Vitamin B7) is an important member of the B-complex Vitamins that can help accelerate hair growth rate, and improving the texture and appearance of your follicles. It contains enzymes that are able to clean your scalp of dead skin cells, potentially blocking important nutrients from getting into your follicles. Saw Palmetto Extract can deter hair loss and trigger healthy hair growth by inhibiting the enzyme dihydotestosterone (DHT).

Saw palmetto does nothing to prevent hair loss. You will be wasting your money if you buy it with that goal in mind.