Making my own Caffeine shampoo for hair growth

I have read that caffeine can promote hair growth or slow down hair loss, so I decided to make my own caffeine shampoo. I am mixing Dr. Bronner’s castile soap with starbucks coffee. I just started this today and will post my results here. I don’t expect a miracle but this is one of the many topicals I plan to use in order to stop my hair loss

If anyone has done this before or has better suggestions, please let me know.

I don’t want to take any pills so only topicals and maybe a small amount of dietary supplements is all I am willing to try.

Are you for real? you go to Starbucks everyday, buy their coffee to make your own shampoo?

No I use starbucks ground coffee, I brew fresh coffee at home.

I like the shampoo a lot, I think it makes my hair less oily , the only thing I would change is the soap. Even though I use an unscented castile soap it still gives out some kind of odor once interacted with coffee. Not a bad or toxic smell, but still I just want to smell nothing but coffee in the shampoo.

Is your shampoo recipe based on a caffeine hair growth study?

No, it is my own recipe. I wouldn’t call it a recipe though, it’s just mixing coffee with castile soap, 2 ingredients in total.

Here’s what inspired in the first place, actual studies proving caffeine and its effect on hair growth or preventing hair loss.

In summary, they say caffeine can:

-counteract the suppressive effects of testosterone on hair growth,
-increase hair follicle stimulation
-prolong anagen phase
-upregulated IGF-1 gene expression (whatever that means)

IGF stands for insuilin growth factors , according to some clinical studies IGF-1 can promote hair growth , it is also found that people who take finasteride has higher level of IGF-1 expression.

Have you thought of using instant coffee instead? It would save you the time it takes to brew it. You wouldn’t have to mix it with much water either.

It’s probably not chemically stable when coffee and castile oil are mixed together , that’s why you smell an unfamiliar odor.

I think you are doing it all wrong. First of all, why are you so obsessed with making a coffee shampoo?

If I were you, I would just use coffee as a final rinse or spray it like a hair spray or conditioner after shampooing, in other words, shampoo like you normally do with whatever shampoo you use, rinse off the suds, then spray pure undiluted coffee onto your scalp, massage and let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse with water and you are done.

This should be more effective than making your own coffee shampoo.

@bdp31770 I want the purest possible with as little human or chemical processing as possible, so I brew my own.

@HMorHT I think you are right. I was hoping that I would only smell coffee when I mixed it with unscented soap but apparently it gives out some kind of odor .

@helpmeout I am going to try your method. One of the studies was done by Dr. Wolf who also created his own brand of coffee shampoo called Alpecin, so I was brainwashed into believing that I must also use a shampoo. Your method makes perfect sense and easy enough. Thank you !

Can this method be used as a natural hair dye for people with black hair? Do you notice your hair getting darker?

I am going to mix some coffee with coconut oil, which I use in my hair as leave-in conditioner anyway, and see how that works.

NoMeds , what s the verdict on your caffeine experiment?

%3 cooffeine and alcol and dmso

Hey mate, i have read same infor about coffeine improves hair growth, just curious have u tryed on ? Does it help?

@Lyn I don’t have gray hair so I do not know if you can use coffee to cover gray naturally without using chemicals. I do not see any noticeable difference in hair color but then again I haven’t paid attention.

@CueBallBob let us know how it goes. I too am using coffee as leave in conditioner. In the beginning I tried mixing coffee with Castile oil but the smell makes me think that it is not chemically stable so I decided to use pure coffee and nothing else. When I finish shampooing and rinsing, I pour coffee onto my scalp, massage, leave for a few minutes, then do a very quick partial rinse with small amount of water and then towel dry, trying to leave as much coffee on my scalp as possible without carrying the smell.

@Lucky it has been working great. Helpmeout is right, why bother making a coffee shampoo when I can use pure coffee as leave in conditioner. My hair feels thicker and stronger, more texture these days. I can’t talk about hair growth but it has certainly slowed down my hair loss as I do not see a lot of hair all over the sink these days.

I actually look forward to this regimen every morning as the coffee smells really good , i think the smell of coffee alone wakes me up even though I am just pouring coffee onto my scalp.

@karxxx what measurement do I use to create a 3% coffein formula with alcohol and dmso? I mean how much coffee is needed to create 3%? I am happy with my coffee recipe right now so I will not change it just yet, but I am hoping to make my own topical spirolactone as anti androgen and I would like to know how much spirolactone tables do I need in order to make a 5% topical formula. I plan to mix spirolactone tablets with topical minoxidil but not sure how many 100mg spirolactone tables do I need in a 60 ml bottle. Sorry, am not good with math or science at all.

@Parminquale1943 Hey I have been using pure fresh brewed coffee for well over a month now as leave in conditioner, am very happy so far. I can’t talk about new hair growth yet but I can clearly feel that my hair texture seems thicker and fuller. Also I do not shed as much in the morning so that is another good sign that this is working for me.

Good luck guys, please post here if anyone has other ideas.

70ml alcol 30 ml dmso 5gr sipironalakton (alcatone)
no minoxidil
Preparation of SPIRO Solution Put a box of Aldactone into the air used to beat garlic with 2 sherds to crush it thoroughly. Then, 20 ml of ethyl alcohol and powdered Aldactone are poured into the brown syrup bottle which we have previously cleaned. This mixture is agitated for 5 - 10 minutes with stirring. For the dissolution of Aldactone; After a little warming of the cigarillas filled with water until halfway inside, the filled syrup bottle is seated with a mouthpiece open to the mouthpiece. It is expected to be worn out in the dark. Once you start boiling, white foams will form in the bottle. This shows that Aldactone pills are dissolved. This will continue to boil for about five minutes, then six will shut down. When the syrup bottle is hot, it is taken with the help of a towel and the mouth is closed and it is shaken again for 5-10 min. At that time the bottle will be cold. After this process, 20 ml of purified water and 5 ml of mint water are filled into the bottle and the mouth of the bottle is closed. This time, the bottle is put into the cezvenin closed and the boiling is expected 5 minutes after starting to boil again with the help of a towel while it is still hot, shaking for 5-10 minutes and after spiro solution is ready. With the help of eyedropper, you can apply your hair from 1-2 ml.

@karxxx Sounds like you are very knowledgeable about this, had you tried this yourself? Is it worth trying? I don’t suppose topical spiro can produce any regrowth but if this can at least stop my hair from falling, that would be a huge plus.


Thank you for sharing, I am going to start today and follow exactly what you are doing.

BTW, not exactly hair related but 2 big studies confirm coffee drinkers live longer, I hope there is systemic absorption using pure coffee as hair conditioner :slight_smile:

Caffeine DHT reduces damage DHT does not block !!!
Spiro early absorber is short-lived.
Caffeine 3%, finenstreide 1% or(avodart %1),
azalic acid 5%, retinol 3%, DMSO 5% ,emu oil 3%, 15% minoxidil mixed

This is my regime.
It works for me