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Lowering of Hairline Hair Transplant Result – 0 – 22 Months for 2000 FUE – HDC Hair Clinic


This is a 48 years old Patient who wanted to lower his hairline. He did not have a real Hair loss problem for his age, but he wanted to look perfect.

HDC Hair Clinic lowered the hairline with about 2000 grafts as you can see I the post op and result photos.

We believe that clear post operation photos are necessary for the evaluation of any result. In these photos you can see the real quality of the work delivered and you can evaluate the result better.

HDC is pioneering in hairline work regarding natural hairline look and dense packing.




Donor After

2 Years after



Hello everybody,

I want add the immediately post op photos of the patients.


Fantastic hairline - completely natural looking! Congratulations!

I don’t see any pics of HDC building up the temples of patients… do you have anything that would show this skill?



Hi there, here you can see a good compilation of results from HDC from the last 9 years, Im sure that there are cases with those characteristics.