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Looking for the best FUE dr in Turkey?


I’ve heard there are some great FUE Drs in Turkey, can anyone recommend one from a recent transplant that went well.



Dr. Koray (Asmed) has posted some of the best pics I have seen.


Yep, ASMED has the best pics, even better than most in the US. But don’t go by pics alone :slight_smile:


Any doctor with proven track record and that does the surgical aspects of surgery should be a safer choice.

The instruments do matter, the skill does matter, the gaps between sessions do matter. All help aid with graft yield.

Look an evaluate all surgeons and see patients in person that have similar characteristics as yours as well as texture. Good luck.


Hi, just to follow up, after doing some research, I went with iohair.com in the end, based on this <> post I found.

“If you want only manual extraction like Erdogan and Keser, there is a new budget (1.5€ a graft) clinic from old workers of Erdogan called institute of hair (iohair).”

It was a gamble based on price/availability, as I couldn’t find out much about them on the forums, but I have to say, it totally paid of. They were excellent, with great attention to detail. I’m only 5 days in, but I’m very impressed already, if your looking for a good price and erdogan/keser professionalism, worth giving them a chance. I’ve just took these photos today after 5 post op, I’ll add more. Bear in mind these guys would have been doing the erdogan ops before, as he doesn’t do his own, always uses his technicians to do the ops from what I’ve read.


Well i had a transplant about 2 years ago and my hair is looking good asf. Doc.Gulten unveren i would recommend her. She has a nice crew. Here is a pic 32