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It isn’t a big secret that many Hollywood actors are losing their hair. What is a big secret are the products that they use in order to prevent hair loss as well as give them that full head of hair we see them have in the movies and on television.

Here are a few of the products in the entertainment field that the stylists of actors and actresses are known to use on them: Kerastase® Specifique Activeur 7, HairCubed® Building Fiber System, and Rogaine® Foam.

Have you ever heard the saying “The answer to instant hair growth is that there isn’t any”? Well, if you’ve heard that and think that that’s true, then why is it that so many Hollywood actors and actresses are using the products mentioned, and what exactly is it that these products do anyway? The answer is easy. They all do different things in order to get an end result of a fuller thicker head of hair. The paragraphs below explain how each product works.

Kerastase ® Specifique Activeur 7:
One of the hair care products you can find on Hollywood shelves is Kerastase Specifique Activeur 7. Many Hollywood actors are known to use this to prevent additional hair loss. Kerastase Specifique Activeur 7 is a daily care for hair loss. What it does is it contains a vitamin B3 complex, which stimulates the cellular activity that causes hair to grow, helping blood circulate in the scalp, all the while making the hair stronger. We find Kerastase Specifique Activeur 7 very popular amongst the Hollywood stars.

 HairCubed ® :

Another very popular product among the Hollywood stars is something known as HairCubed. This would not be a shocking headline in and of itself mostly because the majority of Hollywood actors and actresses behind the scenes as well as people in everyday life are using it. HairCubed is patented in both the USA and Europe.
HairCubed contains a combination of organic microfibers which helps in aiding anyone suffering from thinning hair or any type of hair-loss problem. How does it do this? When using HairCubed the microfibers are especially designed to attach and stick to each strand of hair to give it a fuller look. HairCubed comes in the form of a spray. After applying with an easy spray action, you’ll instantly notice when brushing the hair that the fibers act in such a way that it creates an even thicker and more natural look to each strand of hair, creating the look of a full head of hair. HairCubed is not only used by celebrity men. Many women actresses are thickening their hair with these amazing HairCubed fibers too.
With its great waterproof formula it is water, rain and sweat resistant. HairCubed is 100% natural and is recommended by many hair transplant doctors. HairCubed has all organic fibers and is guaranteed to contain absolutely no aluminum. So the next time you see an actor or actress with a full head of hair, there’s a very good chance HairCubed was used to create this desired result.

     Rogaine ®:

So who’s using Rogaine?
This is true that most of celebrity actors and actresses are now skipping this step altogether by just going ahead and having an actual hair transplant. As for the product itself, Rogaine is very simple to use. It comes in a foam form. If you’ve ever used mousse as a styling product, it looks and feels about the same. When you apply the foam to your scalp, it will cause your hair to look a bit oily. But once the oily appearance disappears, you can once again be near flames without having to worry about your hair catching on fire. Yes, It’s Flammable. Keep in mind that Rogaine, just as they claim, is very similar to exercise. Rogaine results do take time to work.
2007 was a breakout year for Rogaine. A mousse-like version was introduced in 2006 and proved far more popular than the traditional liquid formulation, which comes in a bottle with an eyedropper dispenser. Rogaine Foam contains 5% minoxidil, works by enlarging the hair follicle to reverse the shrinking that occurs over time with hereditary hair loss.

the question is, Can you also continue with your other hair care regimen while using this Rogaine product?
Sure you can. You can wash, style, color your hair and even use HairCubed Fiber or Kerastase as you normally do.


You should now be well equipped with some of the trade secrets of Hollywood stylists and celebrity actors and actresses and how they get that full head of hair.

It’s very unlikely that 95% of the actors in Hollywood would naturally have a full head of hair. They are only human and struggle with the same issues as many of us do, such as thinning hair. Not everything you see on television or in the movies is what it really is. There are many tricks of the trade and in looking good. Products like Kerastase, HairCubed, and Rogaine definitely help these Hollywood stars acquire and maintain this fabulous look we see. It’s something behind the scenes we like to refer to as “Hollywood magic”!

Actors have images that they born with and a character that will last forever. Now that the secrets are shared with you of how actors and actresses obtain a full head of hair by using the various products mentioned above, you too can be among the stars and feel good about yourself and your image.

Here are a list of some Hollywood actors we all know and love that are suffering from hair loss: Nicolas Cage, Jack Nicholson, Jude Law, Jeremy Priven, Kevin Spacey, George Clooney, Brendan Fraser, Hugh Laurie, Jason Alexander, Jason Statham, Matthew McConaughey, William Hurt, Mel Gibson, Tommy Lee Jones, John C. Reilly, Johnny Depp, Ed Norton, Kevin Costner, and many more.

If you are losing your hair, we suggest seeing a specialist to help find out the product that would be best suited for you.

Please add to our list any additional actors or actresses that are balding.