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Long time no check in (Dr.A patient)


So, first off, I apologize for never updating on my results from Dr.A from “back in the day.” I went back and found an old post that I made regarding my second trip to Dr.A and copy/pasted it here for a little background. Here it is…

Well everyone, I have not been on the forums much for a while but I wanted to touch base with everyone on my history and future with HT. In March of 2005 I went to Dr.A and recieved about 2500 FUE grafts in the frontal area and crown, it was a split of about 2000/front, 500/crown. Overall, i am quite pleased with the result. Dr.A has made it so I can now avoid wearing a hat when I need to and with a little toppik, you can’t tell I have any kind of hairloss issue. I was a Norwood 4-5 before. Now, my issue is that I am heavy into watersports and being a helicopter pilot, I am also subject to HIGH wind conditions from rotor downwash. When I “do” my hair, I use toppik and hairspray, and water or high wind is not a good thing for me. It also takes me a while to get my hair to look “just right” with the toppik in the front. Now I am going back for dense packing. I have high hopes in that this will solve my problem completely. When my hair is wet, it definately looks thin in the front and pretty bad in the crown. I have stabilized pretty well with the consistant use of finastride and minox. I emailed Dr.A with some pictures and he recommended about 2500 grafts to fill in the thin areas with dense packing. We are going with 2700 and I expect the result will be great! Finally I will be able to go hatless with no additional “fixing.” I’m soooo excited.
The first time I did FUE as I was very concerned about the scar, this time I can’t afford the FUE but have been assured that the new scar technique so that I am not too concerned about it.
I’ll be sure to post up many before the first time, before the second time and after pictures.

So that was December 06. I have ZERO regret about getting the strip done. The scar is virtually undetectable with my regular hair length. I am happy with the results and may go back for a little more someday actually. I have LIMITED pictures of before (maybe Dr.A still has some) and need to take some current ones. My camera sucks though which is why I haven’t submitted new pictures to Dr.A. I do plan to take more soon and post them up so bear with me.
I do still use some toppik a little and wouldn’t be 100% comfortable in the water with my naked hair but I have no real issue with a little toppik and hairspray in high winds :).
My GF thinks I need nothing and maybe the insecurity is just ingrained too deep for me to ever feel SUPER confident? Anyways, I wanted to check in and I will get some pics posted up as soon as I can.


Pictures please!
Your post has whetted my curiosity. Its cruel to keep us waiting to see the result pictures.