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Little advice required


Hello all

Started Propecia 4 months and some change ago, Revivogen about 2.5 months ago, T-Gel and Nizoral shampoo, and laser comb crap about the time of Revivogen…

at 2 months there was noticeable hairs growing at the temples… some of these hairs have since grown to about an inch long, while others are still little velus hairs.

During the first 3 months I had crazy itching, and especially bad at around 3.5 months when my hair was shedding like a maniac…

At that time I redid a bit of my regimen… started using the laser comb more frequently (I was slacking cause I figured I was hopeless) in the morning, started Conditioning my hair (which I wasn’t before… stupid I know) with a standard conditioner (Suave)… and after about a week of doing that the shedding went away and my head felt greatttttt. Even through today there is almost no scalp itch at all.

Now it’s about a week and a half after that and I am shedding hairs again. Especially when I shower in the morning… When I inspect these hairs, the vast majority of them look like strong hairs with the little white ball at the end… but the shedding seems to me like it’s more than just a standard daily fall out/regrowth cycle…

My head still FEELS awesome… but I don’t know what to do about this shedding…

Should I be worried? Is this just some of the thicker hairs that were only moderately affected by DHT falling out?

Can someone start off with hairs regrowing at 2 months in a spot where hairs arent even supposed to come back, but then crash and burn at 4 months and just keep balding?

Also, is it unheard of to get hairs to grow at the temples but not at the vertex? Cause I am not really seeing too much growth back there, but it is very hard to tell cause I can’t get a good look…

Any advice is much appreciated… sorry this post was so long.


If you’re a good responder to both oral and topical DHT inhibitors, you’re in a thick mist for the time being. 2months may be enough for propecia to have significant effects in terms of loss but hardly so to install a stable condition. You threw revivogen and others in the mix while you still were in a finasteride transient. My personal kick in time response with finasteride is 34 -36 days. That means that being a finasteride commuter for 9 years, any down or up dosage makes me either shed more or shed less after this delay. But I can remember that when I took finasteride for the first time9 years ago, Ihad the feeling that my hair fell out less only after 6 -7months into the treatment. That might be your case. I think you should hold to a stable and well defined regimen and wait 3 months.
BTW, Iknow I am the one that talked you into trying revivogen. I was then convinced that revivogen was key to the improvement of my hair’s condition. And I decided to drop nettle root altogether plus decrease my Finasteride dosage from a daily 2.5mg to 2 mg last december.(“revivogen will just make up for this”, I thought). As early as january, I began shedding more than 150 hairs daily. I then resumed nettle root on january 8, hoping for an improvement in february. But I kept on shedding, 200 then 250. On february 8, I decided to resume the complete regimen I had dropped i december. This move seems to have been the right one. As such, it increased my hair loss in fabruary (up to 400 hairs a day!) but things began improving around the 20th of february and have been doing so since. So, I grew skeptical about revivogen. I’ve ordered another 6 month supply though, since I don’t want to change anything to my regimen now and regain what I have lost. But I may consider to ease the dosage off in three or four months’ time and assess the consequences then stop it altogether after my current batch has run out.


thanks for the response.

I’ll give it three months and if there is nothing significant going on I’m going to add Rogaine in there…

I don’t know if you have experience with that, but with Rogaine foam, is it obvious there is something in your hair once it has dried?

I don’t use any hair styling products or anything, generally just let it dry…


I have no real trust in foam. I have always used minox in alcohol based solutions and would not drop it. I use 15% minox 2ce a day. It should have been your very first move with hairloss. Propecia should be second try only.