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Lets end this Direction Question!


I am tired reading all this post declaring the direction issue as a major problem! Let me make it clear and end this question.

Direction would have been an issue only (let me make it clear) only if new hairs grew the other way, that is towards the skin. Then and only then, direction would have been a problem.

Since such a case has not been arisen, we have no direction issues.

This is a fact. Otherwise it would have been brought up by Intercytex as a safety issue to be resolved.

Let me phrase it scientifically.
If this was the case (direction towards the skin) HM would have been still in phase I since a growing hair inside the skin creates topical inflammations something that would have brought up a safety issue!

Since we have not heard such a issue we are only left with the direction “issue” in follicular neogenesis as follicular rejuvenation takes place in existing follicular units where direction is constant.

So if the problem is in the “neogened” follicles that their direction may vary +/- 90 degrees I don’t know what else should I say!

I bet that this won’t stop me from getting HM and I think that this wont stop all others either…