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Ketoconazole and corticosteroids. study and question


For one more time I am in need for your kind replies!

I was using minoxidil together with budesodine (corticosteroid) after my dermatologists prescription.

Because I was affraid of the prolonged use of budesodine and after some advices here, I went on only with minoxidil.

The problem is that minoxidil alone gives me too much irritation. Too much…

Moreover I found in google this merck’s study (mentioned in the hm section) that the combination of minoxidil / antiinflamators is more beneficial than minoxidil alone.

On the other hand, I found an other study that says about the negative interconnection between ketocozanole (nizoral) and budesodine (it multiplies 8 times cortisone effects).

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  1. I guess the risk of ketocozanole and budesodine together is too much? Do you know about this study?
    Should I restart with budesodine and cease nizoral or vice versa? What is better for hair?

  2. Is there an other topical against inflamation that is not corticosteroid and that i could use it together with minox in my liquid?

  3. Should i use aloi vera? in a gel?

thank you very, very much!


Use ROGAIN FOAM instead of lotion and you will not have more irritations.


» Use ROGAIN FOAM instead of lotion and you will not have more irritations.

Thanks for the advice.

However there is not rogain foam in my country and I am also a little anxious about it because i have read mixed reviews about it here in hairsite. I wouldn’t risk it because the liquid form had done me good so far.

What i want is rather a topical with antiinflamation properties to add to my regimen.

thanks anyway!


In most of the cases it is due to the propylene glycol content. Rogaine foam does not have this and hence cause no irritation.

But I would like to tell you though PG is the major cause of irritation, it has been found that minoxidil itself can cause irritation but at a reduced rate.


send it to compound to a pharmacy and tell it that you want with low PG ( less than 5% )
Where are you from ?