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This is what a douche you are

first you request input on naturals on this forum, i told you to go to the naturals forum, then you throw a hissy fit and curse and scream

then i make a post about vitamins, Hairsite moves it, after you cry to him or he just does it because thats the way he is

you basically begged me and two other guys to post here, because you admit you are clueless about naturals and topicals

i post about vitamins, which you have absolutely no clue about either, one douche says WRONG FORUM, …you, who made the request to begin with, dont even acknowledge my post much less say thanks.

what a low class dirtbag you are dude.
no wonder nobody listens to you on the board





» :stuck_out_tongue:

your nicks appropriate albeit too short\

p=pea brain