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I've just booked an appointment for FUE in Turkey


I’ll be writing about my experience here, wish me luck!

So far so good, they have been very helpful and accommodating. I read good things about them and I was on their waiting list and agreed to go at a time they choose, so have received a very reasonable discount, which made my decision easier.

Background - I had 2000 graft FUT back in 2006 in US to repair my receding hairline. It was a good experience, but after 10 or more years, i’ve started loosing hair on my crown, so i’ve decided to try and FUE to clean up and thicken my hairline, fill in my crown, and if possible try and hide the FUT scar.

Any advice and thoughts appreciated!


Which doctor in Turkey? How does the waiting list program work?


iohair.com, I read about them on a redditt post when researching, and I have to say I got lucky!

Waiting time is reasonable. Send them an email they are very good communicators and treat you like royalty as they are just opening up to foreigners.

I obviously took a gamble as I couldn’t find much about them in the forums.

I went last week, and as someone whose has had a FUT before, I have to say they were fantastic, I had 2 surgeons working on me, Elif and Mustafa who were super nice and very focused, so it took less time than I expected, which is good as it’s quite tiring if you have 3000+ like it did. The quality of the work astonished me, they are artists, I wouldn’t be surprised if iohair becomes a major player over the next few years. It’s a small team of 4, and they are very focused on getting results which I liked, as obviously they are a newer company, so they are not resting on their laurels as it were, this. I was the first foreigner they have worked with. I think it’s an open secret in Turkey that you get quality manuel FUE work with them for much cheaper. I’ll be posting more photos soon and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Total professionals.


Wasn’t your airfare super expensive to fly last minute to Turkey? Last minute fligh reservations can be 2-3 times more expensive than if you purchased in advance.


Hi I was coming from UK, used Kayak and got a very good price £160 return with turkish airlines, so no fuss. I checked the flights before booking though.


Isn’t 1.5 Euro the same price as Erdogan? I would go to Erdogan if it is the same price.


€2.50 I believe, to be fair though, he is proven and has a great rep.


updated photos on day 10. all scabs gone, happy with density of hairline.


@Drazek who was the doctor who did your FUT 10 years ago? I am very impressed.


I did FUT 10 years ago with Dr. Brad Limmer in the US, mainly working on lowering the front hairline, the scars were minimal thankfully, but as you can see my front hairline was quite thin after 10 years. So I’m very happy with this current iohair FUE as they’ve managed to give the front area much more density and even things out all over, including repairing the FUT scars, and covering my crown, which was getting thin too. The direction of the new hairs is spot on too.


Dr. Limmer’s work on you was brilliant, I could not tell you had work done on your front hairline…


4 months update. New hair is starting to grow, its fine at first but its reassuring to see some action!

The guys at Iohair recommended I used rogaine foam to speed up the new growth, so i’m on that now too. Happy so far, looking forward to the next 6 months to see more thickness.


Looking good, quite natural. This is 3000+ FUE grafts?


Thanks, its looking better everyday now. In total 4500 FUE grafts


Update 5 months - the front hairline is thickening nicely, the crown area is growing slower, but thankfully I can see it filling in more now. I think the guys at iohair were clever how they placed the hair, it looks very natural and even which was just what i wanted.


Nice growth, do you have a before photo that with hair that is not wet ?


Hi yes, this is from a month or so before the op, as you can see, pretty thin up front.