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It seems to me that we could do a number of things right NOW!


To me it seems like we could combine some cutting-edge treatments right now and cure our hairloss.

  1. PRP with Acell

  2. A Bimatoprost drug that is more potent than latisse because latisse’s concentration of bimatoprost is fine for eyelashes but not for scalp hair. So we get the same thing as latisse but a stronger version.

  3. Some kind of wounding with some kind of WNT factors/agents. The WNT scientists (Contreras I think his name is) are just wounding and applying known agents to the scalp. It seems like any doctor could do this.

It seems to me like we would be able to do a combination of all of the above in the next 3 - 4 months as researchers figure out over the next few months how to do all of the above treatments for the best possible results. Let’s just wait a few months and then we’ll just do all of the above treatments and grow our hair back.

The hardest one to get ahold of would be the wounding with WNT factors but we could probably find the information somewhere, right?


Start a new thread, because I don’t understand what you mean …


The only thing we should do right now

  1. Start to getting off of Propecia and save our money :slight_smile:


» Start a new thread, because I don’t understand what you mean …

Let me try to re-phrase it.

Firstly, about bimatoprost: It seems to me that Latisse is already on the market and we all know it works on eyelashes, but it also is not strong enough for scalp hair. Bimatoprost is the active ingredient in latisse so for scalp hair we would need a topical solution of bimatoprost that has a higher dose of bimatoprost than Latisse does. It’s common sense that it is just a matter of time, probably within 6 months, that some doctor out there will formulate a stronger scalp formulation of bimatoprost so that is probably going to happen soon. We should be able to get a stronger version of latisse/bimatoprost by late next spring.

Secondly, doctors are already working to perfect PRP in combination with Acell so that is probably going to be refined to the point that it will be the best it could possibly in just a few months - surely by late spring 2011.

Thirdly, and this is the unsure and hardest part, the other big area of hairloss research is probably wounding and WNT. Any doctor can do wounding. and if it has to be done in a specific way I would imagine we could find Costeras (sp) patients who can tell us the correct way that this should be done. But we would also have to find the correct WNT drugs because that group of scientists are saying they are using known drugs. But if we could get ahold of that information (correct wounding to produce WNT resuls) plus with the correct known WNT drugs, then we could get the WNT treatment now too.
but we would have to get the correct wounding and WNT agent information.

It just seems that if we do all 3 of these things at the same time we would be throwing powerful cutting edge treatments at the baldness problem and would probably see results.

Since the wounding/WNT treatment is the hardest to attain do you know how we can get the information explaining how to do the wounding and what WNT agents we should use? I think if we apply all 3 treatments at the same time it might prove beneficial. What do you think? BTW, I’m new to this.

Also, what about the stem cell injections that are going on in Russia? I think that the Russians are really doing a good job of pushing the stem cell envelope. Thank God for the Russians. Stem cell injections might be a 4th thing we could try at the same time as the other 3 things. All of these 3 (or 4) things combined might have some kind of synergystic effect that results in dramatic hair growth.