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Is the "view all" link gone for ever?


My old user has died. I can’t log in and I don’t have the old email I used to register some years ago so from now on new identity.

I have to say that at first I don’t like the new forum. If ain’t broken don’t fix it.

Anyway if the “view all” link is gone forever this forum is history for me. I am not willing to just go message my message every f*cking time I want to read a whole thread.



Woah, you got a “tude” going on today!!!:wink:

all you gotta do is click the box next to the thread title and it serves as the “view all” button.

All is well man, have a glass of wine and get a massage.


To the RIGHT of each thread, there is a little icon that looks like this, click it and it will give you a linear view. This feature will be improved very shortly.