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Is stem cell treatment is available in Turkey or in Europe?



I have hair loss for 9 years and since 2013 I started to loose my hair fastly. I’m afraid of hair transplant operation because I can not look at blood or/and blood clot. So I want to have hair loss treatment which will be without blood :slight_smile: I read some articles and it’s written that, stem cells are usefull for hair and the time of the treatment is not bloody. Can you give me any suggestions about doctors who are making stem cells treatment in Turkey or in Europe please?


I don’t know what you mean by “stem cell treatment”, but at the moment there is no hair loss treatment that involves manipulation of stem cells.


You’re right @Otter, there is no proven or approved hair loss treatment that involves manipulation of stem cells.

I think what he’s referring to is PRP treatments. A LOT of US hair transplant doctors are now advertising PRP treatments using the terminology “stem cells”… Some of them are also injecting both PRP and centrifuged adipose cells, implying that this mixture is rich in stem cells. I believe many of these clinics are deliberately using confusing terminology by implying PRP = stem cell treatment, or PRP + adipose cells = stem cell treatment. They’re taking advantage of public ignorance and media hype about stem cells. I think they justify this by their opinion that PRP contains some of the same growth factors found in stem cells, so they conflate the two concepts together. Here’s an example of a doctor conflating PRP with “stem cells” –


In reality, there is NO manipulation of stem cells involved in what this doctor is doing… he’s just injecting platelet rich plasma in people. Platelets are NOT stem cells. (Technically, platelets are not even cells, because they don’t contain a nucleus. They are saucer-shaped fragments of protoplasm found in the blood which help in blood clotting.)

The video says the doctor is “gently mixing stem cells” into the PRP. It doesn’t say where the stem cells are coming from. They’re not hair follicle stem cells, so I assume they’re adipose (fat) derived. And there is no solid evidence that adipose derived stem cells regenerate any hair. It’s funny how most of this video is about PRP, what is highlighted here is the PRP, and the “stem cells” are only mentioned in passing.

If the “stem cells” are so important and vital to the procedure, then why doesn’t the doctor talk a lot more about where these stem cells come from, and if they’ve been proven to have any independent positive effect on hair growth and density.

More likely, the “stem cells” are just thrown in so they can capitalize on the media hype about “stem cells” and hair loss.

No doubt, when researchers finally discover how to use HAIR FOLLICLE stem cells to grow new hair, it’ll be real news, and it will really grow new follicles… but THIS is not such a discovery. It’s just clever marketing.